Say No To Plagiarism

This all started when I read a wonderful poem written by @kalpeshdesai.official on Instagram…the same day @taru.chaya (Taru’s WordPress blog) tagged me to the Instagram community prompt hosted by…I replied politely to Taru that I don’t normally participate in any kind of prompts… replied that they would love if I could make an exception…this line sat deep in me…I’ve always supported genuine writers, content creators & artists of several different kinds…and I care a lot about our community…be it on WordPress or on Instagram…so I decided to give this prompt a shot…I’m not good with prompts but here I am with my poem on Say No To Plagiarism…the main message is to support & protect our community…let’s do it together ✨

So you liked the lines I’ve just typed
You enjoyed the rhythm & my unique style
The different vibes that I experience day & night
The communion between the dark & light
You feel somewhere that you too wanna write

And now you’re sitting idle on this edge
Cooking rotten schemes in your head
You wanna elevate yourself without any depth
Steal my story, ideas & concept
Showcase them as if you’ve bled my lead

Don’t you dare remove original colour with your artificial dye
Just don’t roll your dirty dice on this sacred space so white
Do you think copy / paste with a few changes is alright?
Just know one day karma will hit you in silence with speed of light
Your conscience will reveal your real face that you tend to hide

You know you’re living your very own life
It’s a blessing & it has its own pure shine
The biggest theme is to see yourself directly in your own eyes
So be true to yourself & learn slowly to stand upright
One day your inner mirror will reflect your very own rhyme

Say no to plagiarism coz the writers put their heart & show you a glimpse of themselves through their own lines

(In this poem of mine, “I” could be YOU & “you” means the culprit)

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The Number Game


Please read this poem under the lighter shade
I’ve added a bit of ginger to give it a slightly warmer taste
Not pointing fingers at any particular person(s) at any stage
Believe me even if I want to, I just really can’t
Coz I don’t remember their handles or any names
Coz they haven’t made any kinda impact on me in any way
And I know every published anthology isn’t of quality bad
I’m sharing some of my experiences in this crowded space
You must’ve also experienced such scenarios on Instagram & a few on WordPress

– Follow for follow?
You see I didn’t even know what “follow for follow” meant
Why would I follow you if you followed me?
Why should you follow me if I followed you?
Do you like my writings?
If not, then what’s the point?
Is it for the sake of 1 extra point in your stats?

– I liked yours, now please read & like mine
Excuse me, what do you mean?
Hey, I am not mean
But I didn’t force you to read & like my lines
Let me draw a simple line
I would hit like if I like what you write
I would suggest you to do the same, alright?

– Read 10 pieces within 7 seconds & liked all of them
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Click Click Next Next
Supersonic reading speed, right?
Attention do you seek?
Is this some “trend” that you want to be seen?
Perhaps, it’s just me but sometimes I don’t get such scenes

– Followed for a few days & then unfollowed
So your goal is to show the huge following you have
And to pretend they follow you & you don’t follow them
What’s the benefit?
By faking your worth in this real world
Are you in some number game?

– Are you interested in one of these dedicated groups – only like / like & comment?
Come again?
I don’t understand
But we don’t even know each other
Are these “oh yeah, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh yeah, don’t stop, oh yeahhhh” groups of another kind?
By that I mean ego boosters

– Promote it on @xyz” & “DM@xyz
Damn…spam…oh man…again (not singing Wham’s song)

– We are giving you this opportunity to be a published author. Grab the chance to be a part of our anthology. Here are some other benefits. Our fee is… Interested?
How wonderful, I’m the chosen one
Right? Wrong!
Ok, but let me give a try to simply try something different
I have now understood the benefits of such projects
The compiler’s name would be on the cover
The compiler might change a few bits of writings without asking or informing the writer
The publication house would print the manuscript filled with typos, misalignment, bad quality images etc.
The quality of the book would be questionable
This book would never hit the international market
The publisher has hired an inexperienced team
Perhaps earning quick money was the real theme

Are we playing the number game?

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Poisonous is a poem about fiction, a fantasy poem, filled with craziness & sensual emotions. If you like love poems you definitely have to check this one out. My work is contemporary and influenced by the many cultures of which I’ve been part.



It’s like when things become difficult from time to time, when I burn extra energy to focus on simple things, whether it’s fixing, cooking, carrying a tray or cycling, the mood crazily shifts & swings – feeling of frustration & anger pops up. Because it’s still difficult to accept a few things, even though it’s my new reality. It doesn’t mean it would be easier to go with the flow without struggling. It doesn’t mean either things aren’t moving. I’ll keep on fighting & pushing my limits as that’s the only way.


Complicating the Simplicity

This poem is about how we all have tendency to complicate simple things and then we are entangled with the complexities of the simple matters in reality. How we underrate the unknown energies and sometimes only look at the meaningless theories, without the proper knowing.



Zipping my lips softly after sipping my warm cup of coffee
Closing my eyes gently to feel the different energies in my body
Smelling the scents mindfully to find the right sense of spirituality

Following my instinct while I walk on my ground with thoughts bare naked
Surrendering to the surroundings full of doubtful dots & weakened bridges
Letting myself to let loose different shades on the surface of delicate red petals & thorny edges

Everything changes instantly into this beautiful universe from the perforated form of my pinching topshelf
The ripples in my tubular vessel start dancing when I cast the stone while I slide sideways
The vibrations of this vibrant reality is multiplied when I see these pictures from the sound of my heart beat

I keep on rising up to raise my bars to unlock myself from my inner locked cage
I fall freely on the heavy grounds, as if I’m trapped inside those tiny droplets
I feel like a raindrop, that gives life when it bursts & dissolves in the ground, it’s simply drop-dead

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A poem.. Sadness

My days have started becoming so gloomy
The inside of me is shadowed by dark clouds & it’s raining
The picture I see these days from my window is so blurry
The scenes that were normal once look so tainted & obscene
The steps I’m taking in the present have become so heavy

The feeling of being messed up & broken is strong
Whatever I do seems very wrong
The way I talk & tackle things as if I’m about to break & shout
Peace in my head is so distant, seems like a long shot
My brain is crazier than ever & is stressed out
Blood is dripping from my numb finger & I don’t feel the cut from the knife so sharp

I’m getting better but am simply so annoyed
The chemicals my brain then creates & deploys
They kill me inside out & then I appear so void
The pain body that I’ve been trying to avoid
The harder I try, the faster I fall without even flying
The glass shatters into several pieces with that clinking sound crying

Isolated myself willingly, coz people around me get affected but now I feel left alone
Sadness is crawling on my surface & choking gently my throat
Suffocating me slowly & I’m feeling quite sore
The tears from my heart are simply tearing me apart

I’m loosing my senses coz I want to go back to normal & go back to my job
I ain’t ready yet but I don’t know either when I’d really start
Perhaps it’s just another day, where I’m falling & tasting the dust
I keep telling myself, nothing is permanent & this difficult time will also pass
I must remain focused every moment, else the anxiety & sadness will rust me down
I know God has given me this opportunity to heal, it’s the biggest wake up call
So why to waste such a golden chance, when I can finally correct the default

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A Poem: Unstable Thoughts

So hear me out
What I’m about to jot
Aren’t just my random thoughts
This is what I experience coz
I’m sometimes simply so stressed out

It’s not so simple to deal
When I change myself into the beast
Who’s feasting on other’s meat
The blood on the floor that I spill
But then I wipe the floors out to crystal clear
To hide the pain & suffering to unreal

Whenever I open my big mouth
And say a few things a bit loud
The misunderstandings I then create without a doubt
Coz I loose my mind so fast & then I freak out
No patience in me, so I can’t breathe the air out
So I spit fire on others to burn myself down

The desire to kick something to take my frustration out
I loose then my reins to control & then I explode with that deep sound
To burn everything into ashes with my fiery spark
And cover the clear sky with the thick fog

I know this isn’t my real face, it’ll be phased out
It’s been real tough times, so I’m simply stressed out
This all is sitting in me deep, so I want to isolate from this thick crowd
But I’ll be back & find the balance with time on my unstable ground

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Healing Soul

Thoughts were racing in my head
Surrounded by misunderstandings coz I was so afraid
The pain looked like that cool piercing in my brow
Snapping on near & dear ones with that insane flow
Loosing my head as if I were about to sink & permanently drown
Blinded by ego & emotions as if I were that king wearing the diamond crown

I thought I was giving space, so people could cope up with their issues
But I was crushing them into pieces, to make place for my deep tissues
How could I be so self-centered by being eccentric?
How could I be so cool & calm by being frantic?
At times my top shelf was crumbling to cheap dust
My demons were shutting me down with deep cuts
I was trying to run away from myself on a paper-thin crust

I was living half alive, blinded by this all
But now, I’m listening to your enchanting melodies, the sweet songs
I’m learning to rise to my feet when I fail & fall
You’re healing me spiritually, you’re healing the sores
I’m spreading my wings slowly to raise my spirits to soar
You live in me, you live in my core
I’m so close to you coz you’re my soul

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