The Sacred Connection

Once upon a time
He saw this woman so beautiful & divine
She was the goddess with intense eyes
Her dance was sensual & mesmerizing
She was wearing red, her moves were hypnotizing

She was dancing bare feet on the sandy ground
Splashing waves was the music in background
The campfire lit the scene in the dark
Her face was radiant in those golden sparks

His eyes were fixed on this beautiful divine
He was watching her closely with bird’s-eye
He was drawn to her immensely, no surprise
She wanted his attention, no denying
She had waited for him long for several lives

He landed close to her, as if he had the wings to fly
They looked deep into each other’s big & intense eyes
Instant love & connection, the two sacred hearts
He flew back to his place where he belonged
While he was carrying her in his arms

He was an Egyptian king in his past life
She became his queen, the one with the title of his wife
She was the only one, who could see through his eyes
She filled his life with a purpose, her love & pure divine
The twin flames still burning, they’re one of a kind
The magic is still living from the flames of their past life

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16 thoughts on “The Sacred Connection

  1. as the 10th to “like” this poetic piece….fantastical to have tears of such sweet release…I cry because I once knew…& I cry again because that’s lost too…much love flowic….amazingly beautiful peace you’ve shared!

      1. I’ve found a new respect for numbers as to why I mentioned the number. I am not, by far, someone who looks for “likes/attention” unless there is a meaning amongst the madness…Probably just muddied up water that was once clear…as I’m familiar with doing….haha…Much Love…

        1. Yeah, I noticed that “10” you wrote. I don’t write for likes either . I simply share what I’ve in my heart…mind….realization….thoughts…experiences….expressions….dreams…. etc etc… in the form of poems.

    1. Yeah, she does….from my previous life….perhaps a thousand years ago….it was so intense & real when I felt this poem in this life

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