Sometimes my screen freezes instantly with slippery breeze of swirling intense seas & then it seems that I’m firmly sealed in this patented Rubik’s C made of patterned cubical bricks where I skip some beats when I forget to simply breathe due to high latency of my wired screams as I’m letting scenes of those caged memories to run through my tears where I fall as leaves in my sleepless dream coz I can’t fall asleep

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The Sacred Connection

Once upon a time
He saw this woman so beautiful & divine
She was the goddess with intense eyes
Her dance was sensual & mesmerizing
She was wearing red, her moves were hypnotizing

She was dancing bare feet on the sandy ground
Splashing waves was the music in background
The campfire lit the scene in the dark
Her face was radiant in those golden sparks

His eyes were fixed on this beautiful divine
He was watching her closely with bird’s-eye
He was drawn to her immensely, no surprise
She wanted his attention, no denying
She had waited for him long for several lives

He landed close to her, as if he had the wings to fly
They looked deep into each other’s big & intense eyes
Instant love & connection, the two sacred hearts
He flew back to his place where he belonged
While he was carrying her in his arms

He was an Egyptian king in his past life
She became his queen, the one with the title of his wife
She was the only one, who could see through his eyes
She filled his life with a purpose, her love & pure divine
The twin flames still burning, they’re one of a kind
The magic is still living from the flames of their past life

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Am I here to achieve a few things?
You see, if I put my heart & bleed
I can reach heights with ease
I might feel a bit dizzy & weak
But I won’t change to deceased
But is that what I really need?
Sometimes this all sounds like some disease
Do you get what I really mean & seek?

I know we all are human beings
Hungry to fulfill our different needs
But it does makes me to wonder & think
Why do we run over our own kind to get that seat?
Why do we scream at each other & create a crazy scene?
Is the purpose of our lives to simply fight & compete?

Sometimes we do nothing but to preach
Sometimes we create confusion with such a great speed
Sometimes we infuse panic & chaos, which lead to stampede
Sometimes we want to hide the wrong doings & not to be seen
Are we a part of hunger game & ready to kill our own breed?

The current way of doings & achieving, quite obsolete
I’m just projecting this picture that I’ve been seeing
Just try to listen & consider a few things
I’m simply suggesting, I’m not here to teach
Real joy comes from the heart & its beats
Simply let go the air that we tend to breathe

All I want is to sow a few seeds before I leave
The holy water will then do its own magical tricks
The seeds will turn into the powerful trees
We are all different creatures with a common means
The essence of this thing lies in the very being
So let’s spread the love that’s necessary to live

It’s time to bring awareness while we walk on our own feet
That ripple in water can be sensed from the seven seas
Let’s find new ways to fill the stomachs eventually
Let’s open the gates of our hearts to the real & loving deeds
Let’s wide open the mind’s eyes to redefine what an achievement should be
Shallow life is unstoppable calamity
Sacred path is pure spirituality

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White Angel

Once upon a time I was sleeping in my bed
The whole floor started to shake when two dark energies entered, it’s quite bad
They started pushing me out with power & their black magic spell
I was quite weak in my legs, so I couldn’t defend myself
But then I saw a white angel held me with her bare hands
She used her pure energy to throw the dark energies out of my deck
The floor stopped shaking after those evil energies were swept
The white angel sat beside me as she was completely drained
The power she used to save me was enormously grand
When I looked at the white angel, my eyes were at a constant gaze
The godly angel was wearing the delicate white dress
Her big eyes were simply radiant & her beauty was immaculate
This white angel with pure energy was the savior of my space
All I wanted to do was to close eyes & kiss her beautiful lips
I fell in love with her the very moment I met her being