White Angel

Once upon a time I was sleeping in my bed
The whole floor started to shake when two dark energies entered, it’s quite bad
They started pushing me out with power & their black magic spell
I was quite weak in my legs, so I couldn’t defend myself
But then I saw a white angel held me with her bare hands
She used her pure energy to throw the dark energies out of my deck
The floor stopped shaking after those evil energies were swept
The white angel sat beside me as she was completely drained
The power she used to save me was enormously grand
When I looked at the white angel, my eyes were at a constant gaze
The godly angel was wearing the delicate white dress
Her big eyes were simply radiant & her beauty was immaculate
This white angel with pure energy was the savior of my space
All I wanted to do was to close eyes & kiss her beautiful lips
I fell in love with her the very moment I met her being


4 thoughts on “White Angel

  1. What a beautiful dream Navin…sounds ethereal..I am sure she would have let you kiss her…who wouldn’t…

  2. Dear Navin,
    This is such a beautiful poem that was so beautiful and uplifting sharing the power of love and light. I love the words and the beautiful angelic picture you chose to match your magical words. What beautiful imagery! I’ not sure why I couldn’t like this or follow it cuz I’m sure I follow you? I hope you get this comment?
    ❤️❤️❤️ Cindy

    1. Thank you for your lovely words….I was just replying your other msg….I’m glad you did click on the link….and I’m glad you liked this poem….I wrote this one when I was admitted at the hospital….you do follow my blog….I think you’ve recently started, right…this is the poem from last year….I’ve been writing poems since the end of 2017….I don’t keep a count of my poems but I know I’ve written many…I had a different site name at that time with so many readers/followers….but then I decided to move my site away from WP to another host in June/July 2020, which simply destroyed my then site as I lost almost 95% of my original readers/followers (over 400 I think)…besides “likes” which are least important…no one was receiving any notification when I was posting a new post….it truly gave me anxiety & sleepless nights due to the back & forth communication with WP, the other host for over 2 months….but then I felt, there must be some meaning….it’s like the old wanted to die to give birth to the new….so I had to put that original site to sleep & build this one from scratch in August….it’s a WP hosted site (obviously)….now I’m renetworking….so in short (🤣), you do follow my site….but you must’ve read the recent poems….not the old ones….I’m truly blessed to connect with you….you must know that ❤️✨

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