I Scribble

When I pick up my pencil
To prick on my surface
Then I bleed real lyrics
That I scribble on the ocean

The ripples I then make
When I hit the epicenter
Is not to trick the senses
But to share my inner vision

The reflection of my face
That bounces on wavy water
Shows me a clear picture
Of the deeper connection

The flare of my phases
Isn’t just burst of emotions
It’s the zen of those learnings
That lits my life with passion

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Please put sound on…

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This Region

I know my brain ain’t no xeon
And perhaps it’s not rendering every bit spot on
But it processes the complex with pure intuition
And my eyes glow as the intense UV neon
They read the hidden with clear vision

The rocks in glass with the golden key on
Unlocking the transparent to create the free zone
The black & white are my preferred crayons
Rubbing them on this paper sheet with me down
Breathing rhymes of my life with beats on

There’s this sacred place, there’s this region
It’s the open space in every single season
It’s inner peace that brings me close to the horizon
There’s simply no chase coz it’s truly spiritual
Connecting to my piece where love is the sole ritual

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Reblogging – Painting this Picture

Tear my eyes to ocean
Tear my body into pieces
Break open the dark skies
Break me into phases
Paint my face in thick red
Paint my phrase to crazy
Pain me till I feel the edges
Pain me to find the inner space
Falling from top of the hill
Falling to reach my grounding
Diving to kill the killzone
Diving to meet the unknown
Dying to repair the top shelf
Dying to reborn my whole self

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Lightning Rhymes Review 4

I’m deeply touched, delighted & honoured by reading this wonderful review by Karima from Digital Rabbit Hole on my debut book – Lightning Rhymes…My utmost gratitude to Karima for reading my book & writing this amazing review on Amazon…I’m sharing it with you all…it’s my way of sharing the joy…You can also find Karima on YouTube

A screenshot of the review
Here’s the full review:

“Navin reveals himself to the reader, through at times, visceral, sensual, and enlightened verse. He’s a romantic, a self aware demon, a passionate poet, who lives his lines and takes you along with him. His rhyme scheme, rhythms and content, captivate the reader from the start.
I enjoyed the juxtaposition of his table of contents..The almost school-boy romantic in love with eyes, curves and depth..and then the man who struggles, against insomnia and his own nightmares that live inside…even in bright daylight.
The book is fascinating on all these levels and it’s honest, almost innocent at times and raw.

In Navin’s own words:
“My poetry is the flow in me & it’s
the soul I simply set free”

His flow is a raging river with quiet pools and always clear depths.
I recommend ” Lightning Rhymes” to anyone who gets excited about poetry. I promise you, this book will do that to you… and it will make you ponder.”

I’m truly grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…for your unconditional love towards my poetry..I would only humbly ask you to buy my book if you connect with my rhymes…Lightning Rhymes…

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Naked & Rough Skin

Please don’t breathe on me with ease
Coz I’m gonna freeze your breeze with my heat

You seem to see me as if I’m a treat
But I’m here to trick your deeds with chills of my screams

You can’t hit me with crazy speed in this scene
I’m already bleeding ink while I stand here on my feet

Just don’t bleach me with your preaching
Coz then I’ll breach you with my beast & reel you for real

Can you see I’m tearing your sheets in pieces?
It’s to reveal the beautiful being on your fluid screen

Can you feel I’m breaking meaningless labels so weak?
It’s to fill the space with nothingness from the deep

Can you listen to the beats of this raw sea?
It’s just me burning freely my naked & rough skin

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Love, love, love

I’ve taken these pictures breathtaking
How peacefully they all are sleeping
Love, love, love in me is echoing
Enjoy this moment that I’m sharing

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Reblogging – When you look into me

You looked at me
With those intense eyes
You smiled at me
With those beautiful lips
You cried with me
With tears in your eyes
You held me tight
With those earthly arms
You gave me space
With that loving heart
You were there for me
With those meaningful words
The impression of you
Is permanent in me

The energy from the moment
Has struck me deep
The sole purpose of you
Was to look deeper into me
Where Pain & Agony
Were the different forms of Love
Where Spirituality was the only Reality
Where there was space for Anxiety
Where things were as they are
Where Manipulation was very far
I am no one
But the reflection of you
I see myself in you
When you look into me

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Poetry – Sharpening my Edges

I’m dancing in beast mode to free my demons of restlessness, desperation, anger, anxiety, panic, fear & similar feelings & emotions.

Turning up the volume while I dance carelessly just like the tipsy being to caress the restless eternity

Shaking my wavy long hair just like the silverbeast I breathe to free the freak in me

Twisting my body just like the scaly serpentine to sway swiftly in this slippery scene 

Sensing the delusional beliefs just like the demons I breed inside of me to burn my inner skin

Fighting relentlessly just like the fluctuating flame that lit my dark nights with shadows of anxiety

Cutting the silence with the violence of my violet violin that’s snapping the tightened strings

Ripping the dead layers of my poisoned cells to fill the dark spaces with light full of raw intensity

Carving my rough face with my senseless fingers to project the formless edges of my blinded insanity

Filling my fountain pen with thick red to sketch my mountain of rocky emotions to draw sensitivity

Sharpening my edges on rough surface dipped in salty water to tear the fear through the visuals of my poetry

—– Sharpening my Edges —–

It is a soul-searching poem that portrays how it is to be myself & how I see the things. From black & white to colors and from one dimensional to multi-dimensional. Sometimes a real free flow dance or a mental one by visualizing my lines in the form of poetry can set me free. It’s like being tipsy / high with the raw energy. I’m simply cutting myself into pieces to find inner peace, by rebuilding me.

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White Angel

This is a poem about a dream in which I was protected by a white angel who saved me from two dark energies. Her big eyes, beauty & aura was pure divine. She saved my life & I was absolutely in love with her. The feeling stayed in me after I woke up from this crazy & beautiful dream.

Once upon a time I was sleeping in my bed
The whole floor started to shake when two dark energies entered, it’s quite bad
They started pushing me out with power & their black magic spell
I was quite weak in my legs, so I couldn’t defend myself
But then I saw a white angel held me with her bare hands
She used her pure energy to throw the dark energies out of my deck
The floor stopped shaking after those evil energies were swept
The white angel sat beside me as she was completely drained
The power she used to save me was enormously grand
When I looked at the white angel, my eyes were at a constant gaze
The godly angel was wearing the delicate white dress
Her big eyes were simply radiant & her beauty was immaculate
This white angel with pure energy was the savior of my space
All I wanted to do was to close eyes & kiss her beautiful lips
I fell in love with her the very moment I met her being