My Halloween

I’m about to jot

Which might sound bitter & odd

But I’m gonna say it anyway loud

What’s it all about?

Get ready to find out

No, it’s jut not a thought I sprout

I feel this crazy need

To tell & simply scream

It’s not that I’m mean

And I don’t want to demean

But it seems like a theme

No, it’s not halloween

I’ve been trying to win the fight

Against this force that holds me tight

It makes me lose the clear sight

And I can’t see the burning light

As if I’m entangled in the dark night

No, it’s not the scary & secluded site

I hear & it seems

Something is living in me

And it keeps controlling

The way I’m breathing

As if I’m stuck inside of me

The air is not flowing free

It feels that I’m dying

No, I’m not feeling pity & crying

And if that wasn’t enough

The turf is now quite rough

All I want is to punch it so tough

And to hit it with a spinning curve

To break open the skies to tears

No, it’s not about being fierce

Before you even wonder

No need to even ponder

It’s my inside thunder

Perhaps the moments of wander

Try to visualize this picture

No, It’s not about my blunders

Amidst this chaos & pollution

Everything is dissolving in the solution

Self revelation & manifestation

Evolution of true creation

Compassion & affection

No, it was never about the man made diversion

The only way is to look deeper

The only moment is neither past nor future

The only I is the eye of wisdom

The only truth is the eternal love

The only God is the love you are

So take off the costume to be that life

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The Burning Song

Read it as if you rap

It’s all getting pretty crazy

It started making me dizzy

I keep hearing every then & now

I did something bad & very wrong

Even though we agreed upon

That I’ll be cool & calm

But I failed to follow

I was supposed to swallow

Irritation & frustration

Dissertation on relation

Confrontation & aggression

Patterns taking over

I’m losing the ground


Seems I’ve gone crazy

So now here I’m again

To take the blame

And a pinchful of shame

Facing the consequences

Of the sequences of mishaps

Perhaps I am the only one

Who’s all over the place

But I simply can’t stand

In one by one space

It seems I’m that crowd

Suffocated & passing out

I hear you loud & clear

You tell me I’m getting there

Where I don’t really care

Don’t even give a damn

But you don’t understand

I can’t always be tamed

Look first in the mirror

Before you even quiver

Now it’s burning high

There’s hue & cry

Emotions of rage & fear

You’re getting ready to disappear

You see me now so tall

It seems I’m changing my form

I’m this scary dragon size

Spitting fire & murder eyes

Just want you to hear me out

So I scream at you pretty loud

But the shield you’ve put on

No, you can’t hear me at all

In your eyes I’m this bloody form

But in reality I’m simply torn

You’ve been trying to tell me

I am the only one freezing

I need desperate upgrading

Coz I’m that psychopath

Losing the only true path

The person you want me to be

The new version of me

My new design won’t be mean

I might come out pretty clean

Would take the toughest hit

And some other sorts of shit

But it can’t be just me

It is the way you see

Feel the things going with me

Don’t shut the doors so rapidly

Now try to hear me out

Gonna speak a bit loud

Enough of dissing

Saying dis-dat & hissing

I might be completely wrong

But who’s always spot on

So let’s start this all over

Let’s not use no cover

You & I are this loving pair

Sometimes covered in many layers

Perhaps marinated in deep pain

But it’s just a superficial coat

We aren’t no shadow ghosts

There’s always the darker side

But look at the beautiful sight

The intense radiant light

The blue & clear sky

If I’m the one with fire

Be the water on me

If you’re that very storm

I’ll come to you with peace

Let’s be naked & true

Remove the layers & the glue

But one thing is crystal clear

If I’m this heart

Then you’ll always be the beat

So let’s start all over my dear

Coz I’m you

And you’re me

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Inside of Me

The different moods and reactions

The highs and lows of my creation

The tension and many explosions

I see the impression inside of me

Signs of anger and anxiety

Fluctuations in the heart beat

This is the brand new reality

I hear the squeak inside of me

Cutting out the ulcers and cancer

Shredding away pain and mysery

Stiching the pieces together

I think this is happening inside of me

Using no more any filters

Life is on with no layers

Putting out the unsettling flare

I feel the changes inside of me

Finding calmness in the deep

Feeling stronger while I am weak

Sensing every cell as I breathe

I embrace the new birth inside of me

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My Thunderstorm

I am screaming at you so loud

So you can pick the words out of my mouth

You are so much into yourself

Can’t you simply hear me out?

I didn’t ask anything wrong

There was no judgement in my question

No need to add your own fiction

Can’t you just see the real picture?

You keep telling me all my life

It takes time to break free from your old pattern

But oh boy, when it comes to mine

Do I always need to speak out my mind?

There was a knock on the door

I thought you all came back home

But it was only one of my parts

He came back and then disappeared

I am done saying more

I have no energy to go on

My heart seems to be shaken

I feel sorrow and broken

It’s time to find peace

In this very thunderstorm

This is my moment of NOW

It’s the end and I am gone….

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