Beautiful Soul

This poem is dedicated to one of my sons. He’s a great teacher, teaching me the value of patience. His world falls apart if things aren’t the way he wants. I love him whole heartedly & I connect with him at a deeper level as I see him, not just through my eyes. He’s a very intense, sensitive, sweet, loving, sensible & crazy strong (physically) kid. Sometimes I see myself in him, when he’s angry, he’s actually hurt, trying to make his point but turning the world upside down.

You are the beautiful soul, the being & the core of my life
You are that beautiful creature, disguised to disappear & to hide your naked eyes
You are the true blessing, asking me to look beyond the hue & cry
You are the greatest teacher, spreading wisdom to live & not to die 
If you weren’t here, I could’ve never understood the I in you & the zen of daunting sky

Sensitive, sensible, sweet, strong & so intense
If the things aren’t the way you intend 
You get too high & often very tensed 
You feel all alone & your world starts getting too dense
I can sense the fire inside you when you’re about to loose your dance
All I want is to hug you in this crazy presence
Hold you tight in my arms & connect with you at the deeper frequence
I’ll walk with you on that string in search of fine balance
You are the sun – the intense verse of U.N.I.verse

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You know I can’t rap
But I want to make a wrap
And put it in a pinch of cRap
So it tastes different & kinda whack
Do you get what you’re about to snack?
No, I ain’t smoking no crack

I know this all sounds so bad
You’re thinking wtf I’m at
Isn’t your rap sound something like that?
Perhaps adding the glittery jewels would sort of help
But it’s all just in your head, if you think you look swell
Well, if you rap like that, you better jump in the deep well

Then you talk about the big wheels, you’ve been buying
Man, if that’s the level you’re selling, then I think I’ll soon be crying
Now let me tell you a fact, your rhythm is slowly dying
Oh, and before I wash away your cRap with my big hose
Let me remind you about the hoes in your videos
Dressed up in hardly no clothes
Dancing on your silly & auto-tuned tones
Oozing in the bubbly foam like some sassy clowns
I think it’s the froth from your mumbling mouth
Perhaps you should forever go underground
I’m just sitting on my couch & thinking about
Where’s the depth & why the hell am I listening to your sound?
I hear no bars & there aren’t no signs of lion claws
You are simply mumbling some lines & that too are full of silly flaws

You see, I don’t need to pause your slow & shallow track
Rewind & then playback, to understand what you just said
There aren’t no beats & there’s auto-repeat
You’re just beating your own track to a slow death
It is for sleeping heads
And you, for sure are brain dead
Where’s the depth & where’s its edge?
If you were to write your own track & rap
You might pee before you can even open the flap

But then on Friday I listened to this new delight
That’s some barKing dogs & was truly the homie sight
Those two did rap with the speed of light
You know they just killed your track like those buzzing flies
It’s time to send bye-bye & goodbyes to all you guys
Coz now I’m gonna sit back & enjoy the real hiphop with some coke & french fries

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Deep & Dark dip

We tend to look away as we link dark moments with something bad & evil. Darkness could be scary but if you look closely, it’s full of deeper meaning & purpose. Darkness can be anger, anxiety, sadness, pain but it’s also heart connection, divine & sacred. Just look at the dark sky in the night – peaceful & beautiful.

Thinking of those thoughts that thwarted the sense
Started to look deep into those dark pages with my lens
Noticed the tiny creepers were crawling like snakes
Burning simply everything down in fiery flames

Spawning beautiful forms in fire in pure frenzy
Spinning around the unknown with high intensity
Spearing that dark shadow to red & crazy
Scribbling those words down in bold & apostrophe

Amidst these KOs of chaos & cry
That shadow movement brought me to the deeper joy
The beautiful moment of soul leaving body to fly
The pure heart connection under the darker sky

That dark page changed in a second its color
It’s full of expressions & some real spicy flavor
So now you see, the dark has its own shimmer
It’s the edge of the deep, it’ll cut the shallow into slivers

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Humble Crumble

Now this is pure imagery, visualizing how the bodies, the heart, the nature, the sky, the surroundings, the earth will melt into pure divine love. Intense erotic thoughts are the natural part of living creatures.

Imagine we’re going another level

Flying high as I drive the bevel

To go deep into the tunnel

Where your peaks start to tremble

No boundaries & no manners

That rhythm & those tremors

The earth seems to crumble

And the skies start to rumble

When the stage turns into the jungle

As I crank you humble

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