I used to wish this & wish that most of my life
I used to pray to God to fulfill those wishes with my closed eyes
I even sat back with empty hands & regretted this life
But one thing I was forgetting all this time
I tended to overlook what I already had by my side
I was missing the present & was concentrating on the noise
So I started to indulge in steep talks with fluctuations of my heart 

It’s here I realized I was all the way so crazy wrong
Coz I started to see the intense sparks on my path so dark
I then switched to live from the deep in the now
I can see the shining light in between countless dark spots
I can sense my wish is fulfilled as I’ve reached to the sharp point
I finally know the real meaning of the falls & the rise
Just like the immense beauty & power of waterfalls & sunrise

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THIS IS AN AWARENESS POST…I’ve come to know, how a handful of people, especially men are sexually harassing female gender on Instagram…I’m calling them pervs, freaks, creeps….coz that’s what they truly are…I read a few posts over there & one thing led to another & I ended up reading 4-5 posts in 2 days…I don’t know how many more such posts exist…but this has made me to write my new poem – PervALert…I wrote it last night…I’ve also shared the screenshots (edited) with the IG handles of these pervs on my original post…I encourage you to read it if you’re on Instagram & REPORT + BLOCK them…you’ll find the link below…I’m sure, these types are everywhere & gender isn’t important at all….Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook etc etc…sadly that’s also a part of social media…To me, it’s important to spread awareness instead of keeping such things to myself.

Click here to read my original post on Instagram

Here’s my poem – PervALert

I simply couldn’t believe….
When I first time read this on my feed
That IG is filled with a handful of pervs & freaks
Who sexually harass young girls, women & perhaps other human beings
They keep playing with innocent people as if they’re flipping the paper sheets

I found out….
Some try to approach by being empathetic in the beginning
Some try to gain the trust very slowly
Some play with themselves during the live stream
Some send the unsolicited sexual pictures of their thing

Dear victims, please don’t tell me….
You don’t feel violated, sad & angry
You don’t cry in your corner & think of disappearing instantly
You have accepted to live with all this as if it’s just a normal evening
You’ve given up coz you feel IG isn’t listening as they should have been

But I can’t keep quiet….
Coz I’m already fed up of these perverted freaks
Who believe they can do anything whatever they feel
Who keep changing their skins but keep the same impurity
Innocent people who speak out get blocked by these abusers unfortunately

I’m speaking to you directly through this poetry
Oh please, you think you can get away with your freakin’ sick deeds
I’m sharing your screens to strip you naked here publicly
I’m writing this piece in an attempt to get you removed permanently

And if you feel like confronting me….
Come & get me you creep, I’m waiting for you patiently
You see, I’m that beast, that will split you in pieces lyrically
I know you can feel the heat of my ink that’s bleeding intensely
If you won’t stop, then I’ll share every single screenshot on different social media without even a blink

And before I go, please let me be clear with you all….
I’ve already taken permission to share the screenshots from these kind beings
I would still hide their names for the sake of their privacy
So Mr. Perverted creepy freak, you better disappear from this scene voluntarily
People come here to share their creativity with others in peace & harmony

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© 2021 Navin’s Poetry. All rights reserved.

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An invitation to become a co-author of an upcoming anthology – ‘Amor sui’

Dear Readers,

I’m writing this post to share information of this upcoming anthology, compiled by a very talented writer from Instagram world, who goes by the name Hiba. I’m helping her out in finding the talented writers for this wonderful anthology with a powerful theme of Self Love & Empowerment.

It’s open for both indian & international writers. There are only 25 slots altogether & some are already been taken.

This anthology will be published with True Dreamster – my favorite publisher….very professional, kind & they listen to the co-authors. I have had the privilege to work with Hiba (along with other talented co-authors) & True Dreamster on Utmost Feelings anthology, which was dedicated to beloved Astha.

Normally, I don’t share & request people to participate in an anthology. But this theme, the compiler & the publisher is a dream combination.

You’re very welcome to either contact me directly by writing your comment or via the contact page or by contacting Hiba (through Instagram, whatsapp).

Please find Hiba on IG & do check out her writings: butterflyjournals_11

Link to the anthology related post on IG: Click here

Also check Utmost Feelings Anthology – Live Now

The poster & details:

‘Amor sui’ is a compilation that focusses on the theme ‘self love and empowerment‘.

• Both national and international writers can participate.

• Each poet is alloted 5 pages for their poem and 1 page for their author bio and picture.

• The language is English

• I will send across a registration form which you will have to fill,filling in your number, email and other details – Registration is free.

• You will be then added to a WhatsApp group with the other writers of the book where you can interact and ask for updates!

• At the end of publishing,you will receive a Paperback of the book delivered to your doorstep, along with a shoutout poster,and certificate.

• We shall conduct a basic selection process,and most entries will get selected,if there are no major grammatical mistakes!

• On selection, you will be asked to pay a minimal fee if ₹450 towards publishing costs and other distributing charges. International writers need only pay ₹250 as the hardcopy cannot be delivered. The book will be made available globally on all platforms so that they can buy it from there.

• Free eBook will be available for resale. It means the co-authors can sell the eBook as royalties on their own terms,they can sell it on Instagram, whatsapp, etsy, payhip etc. They have full authority to do so, with the MRP provided by True Dreamster.

Thank you very much for your time 🙏✨❤️💫