Am I here to achieve a few things?
You see, if I put my heart & bleed
I can reach heights with ease
I might feel a bit dizzy & weak
But I won’t change to deceased
But is that what I really need?
Sometimes this all sounds like some disease
Do you get what I really mean & seek?

I know we all are human beings
Hungry to fulfill our different needs
But it does makes me to wonder & think
Why do we run over our own kind to get that seat?
Why do we scream at each other & create a crazy scene?
Is the purpose of our lives to simply fight & compete?

Sometimes we do nothing but to preach
Sometimes we create confusion with such a great speed
Sometimes we infuse panic & chaos, which lead to stampede
Sometimes we want to hide the wrong doings & not to be seen
Are we a part of hunger game & ready to kill our own breed?

The current way of doings & achieving, quite obsolete
I’m just projecting this picture that I’ve been seeing
Just try to listen & consider a few things
I’m simply suggesting, I’m not here to teach
Real joy comes from the heart & its beats
Simply let go the air that we tend to breathe

All I want is to sow a few seeds before I leave
The holy water will then do its own magical tricks
The seeds will turn into the powerful trees
We are all different creatures with a common means
The essence of this thing lies in the very being
So let’s spread the love that’s necessary to live

It’s time to bring awareness while we walk on our own feet
That ripple in water can be sensed from the seven seas
Let’s find new ways to fill the stomachs eventually
Let’s open the gates of our hearts to the real & loving deeds
Let’s wide open the mind’s eyes to redefine what an achievement should be
Shallow life is unstoppable calamity
Sacred path is pure spirituality

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4 thoughts on “Achieve

  1. You’ve hit many reasons as to why I’ve never felt to belong. For those reasons, if you don’t comply then you mustn’t be strong enough to carry on….you’ll be eaten by evil even if staying hid behind 4 walls …[to where some feel safe & all]…Love can be taxing if not toxic when not given & feeling incomplete. Accepting there is always that undone puzzle of man being unique. What’s the reason most of ‘man’ hasn’t the desire to be content and not master where we’ve come from and where we’ve went. That puzzle must be solved by some to make a purpose to their reasons to breath & get things ‘accomplished’ for the whole sum of all…….idk…my cynicism is sickened at the moment & apology if some sarcasm seems to seep in……I just did vent…thank you Navin…much love in your flow and very serious & yes…i’d agree…spirituality is the best above all else there is to be, so far, for me… {hugs} thank you for sharing ……

    1. No apologies dear Crystal Rose. Venting is’ll take the burden from you. Thank you for reading my poem and writing this great comment. Much love / Navin

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