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Poetry – Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one feeling like this?
Am I the only one shredding in pieces?
Am I the only one screaming through verses?

What’s happening to me that I’m tearing?
What’s hitting me so hard that I’m breaking?
What’s giving me this numbness that I’m shaking?

Why am I looking in dark with empty eyes?
Why are my lips sealed & throat so dry?
Why am I feeling like fire, that’s about to die?

How can I survive when the light is fading with time?
How can I walk when my track is disappearing into broken lines?
How can I breathe when the air is suffocating my silence?

I’m shivering the shimmers with pure tremors
I’m twisting the beautiful minds with my terror
I’m traumatizing the hearts with my demons

My temple is screeching, I see the cracks in my brick
My heart is lonely, I stand at the brink of my flips
My soul is bleeding, I inhale the ashes covered in my red ink

—– Am I The Only One? —–

Am I The Only One is a poem full of different emotions. Everything has changed instantly in the moment of insanity. Perhaps I’m not the only one feeling like this, where the nights are darker than the darkest shade. The eyes are empty, the lips are sealed, the throat is dry, the heart is lonely & the soul is bleeding, as if I’m diminishing gradually. There is a state of shock.

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73 thoughts on “Poetry – Am I The Only One?

  1. We all at one time fight the darkness within, whether physical, emotional or the sense of being lost. Wonderfully expressed poem. 🖤🤍💙 dawn arrives and light brings a new start. 🙂☀️

    1. This is the reason, I love your words, Blue…they’re always meaningful & deep…there’s always light…even though everything seems like that dark night 💙🖤

  2. This is so beautifully articulated Navin speaking volumes to what others are going through right now. You are not alone and give voice and acceptance so our souls can open to light and release the darkness being thrust upon us right now. Thanks for sharing and your couraboe and bravery so others can hold themselves through this time. Big hugs and love my friend! In shadow and light and always love as my friend Maria says. ❤️ 🤗 Cindy

    1. Thank you for your beautiful & Maria’s words, dear Cindy….I’m glad you liked my lines….love the line “our souls can open to light and release the darkness”….thank you 🤗❤️

  3. My heart felt as if stopped beating for a moment…my lungs held the air until the end..my eyes were like windows into pain and anguish, sadness and wanting to comfort you…I cannot find a word that describes this piece in a summary but to just say that my dear Navin…🖤❤

  4. “My soul is bleeding, I inhale the ashes covered in my red ink”.

    You’re really good at your craft, Navin.
    I love the descriptive power in your poems. I can’t get ‘My hissing eye’ off my head. Loved that piece so much.
    Keep it up. ❤

    1. Oh, that’s huge for me….your words…thanks a lot kindly. I’m delighted that you loved “My Hissssing Eye”….thank you very much for your support ❤️✨

  5. I do love the darkness. In the darkness we comfort, we calm, we learn and we catch our breathe. It’s a great place to be for a lil while to still ourselves😉 Seems u have learned alot about the dark we share. Brilliancy fine tuned my dear friend 😘

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m glad, I’m not the only one, dwelling in the darkness & loving it. Darkness is light to me. Stay in tuned with your heart.

  6. I found this poem full of the darkness that shakes me at times with no explanation or why. I know if I over do things I get that feeling of being sick and then I have to lay down and sleep or crash out. I am glad you found something like htis inside of oyu to create for us to read Navin. Thank you !

    1. Oh, I really appreciate your beautiful comment….Thank you very much…I think, sometimes accepting the darkness, rather than fighting against it is better….writing poetry when I have those strong feelings / emotions, make me realize my own state & it helps me seeing how I & my emotions affect others around me…it’s painful when I realize that but it’s therapeutic at the same time…as I get answers of some of my own questions to me….

      1. You are welcome for my comment you earned it. I can fully understand how you feel about the darkness that helps you create this stunning poems Navin. Nothing is easy but you realize where things started and how to fix by writing more poems. keep open to the messages that come your way Navin !

        1. You’re simply amazing with your comment….by recognizing & realizing the reason why I write poetry….you’ll find the book of my life in poetry form….thank you for your heartfelt comment

          1. I am glad to have recognized and realized why you write poetry Navin. I will look forward to reading more about your life in poetry……You are every welcome Navin.

  7. My Dearest Navin,

    This is one of the most breathtaking versifications of pain that I have ever read. Your words go deep into the human soul. Your questions are the questions that most readers ask. An astonishing piece and an unbelievable finale “My soul is bleeding, I inhale the ashes covered in my red ink”

    I can’t send you answers, but I am sending love.

    1. Thank you my dearest G….you’re always there with your presence, support & heartfelt words…sending you love & peaceful time ❤️

  8. Moving, beautiful & emotional ❤️ perfectly expressed lines of beauty and pain, lovely written piece ❤️😊🌹

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