Poetry – Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one feeling like this?
Am I the only one shredding in pieces?
Am I the only one screaming through verses?

What’s happening to me that I’m tearing?
What’s hitting me so hard that I’m breaking?
What’s giving me this numbness that I’m shaking?

Why am I looking in dark with empty eyes?
Why are my lips sealed & throat so dry?
Why am I feeling like fire, that’s about to die?

How can I survive when the light is fading with time?
How can I walk when my track is disappearing into broken lines?
How can I breathe when the air is suffocating my silence?

I’m shivering the shimmers with pure tremors
I’m twisting the beautiful minds with my terror
I’m traumatizing the hearts with my demons

My temple is screeching, I see the cracks in my brick
My heart is lonely, I stand at the brink of my flips
My soul is bleeding, I inhale the ashes covered in my red ink

—– Am I The Only One? —–

Am I The Only One is a poem full of different emotions. Everything has changed instantly in the moment of insanity. Perhaps I’m not the only one feeling like this, where the nights are darker than the darkest shade. The eyes are empty, the lips are sealed, the throat is dry, the heart is lonely & the soul is bleeding, as if I’m diminishing gradually. There is a state of shock.

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