“A” Poem

Eyes wet
Mind heavy
Can’t breathe
Throat choked
Senses numbed
Fluctuating beats

Speechless as I speak
Reflections I truly see
Crystals are still green
Staring at those scenes
Memories on my screen
The heart simply bleeds

The voice of yours is stuck in me
The lines you used to write to me
The song that you did sing for me
The picture is burnt deep inside of me
The finger twitches as I type in anxiety
The silence fills the air through my poetry

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A poem – Shattered

I’m unlocking my phone & checking my post every second minute
But no new mails anymore, there are only empty spaces
I’m feeling cold & my core is burning in agony beyond any limits

It’s still difficult to believe, how the things have ended in a split second
Energies were glowing like the beautiful stars, everything was smoking sacred
But memories are all that’s left behind, the feeling of being one is burning ashes

My eyes are fixed on a mirror, they look pretty dead & quite rigid
I’m seeing reflections of crystal green but that mirror is now cracking
I’m touching the cracks on its surface but it’s me that’s purely shattered into pieces

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A poem – Crystal Clear

The moment I met you
I felt something special
Just didn’t know what it was
But now it’s crystal clear

You’re the heavenly drop of rain on me
You’re the scintillating light that’s healing me
You’re the sparkling star that’s burning in me
You’re the beating heart that’s living in me

The depth of your fine lines
The rhythm of your deep rhymes
The imagery of your heartfelt writings
The expressions are so mesmerizing

The grace in your face paradise
The shine in your crystal green eyes
The melody of your angelic voice
The beauty of yours is pure divine

You make me fly so high
In the beautiful deeper sky
I see your green northern lights
The sacred energy is melting you in I

When I think of you, I smile
When I miss you, I sigh
When I long for you, I cry
When I see a glimpse of you, I die

I see you everywhere
So I kiss you in air
And I whisper your name
Sounds crazy, yeah that I surely am

I sense that you’re sitting with me right here
As if I am kissing you in real
As if I am whispering in your ear
I am deeply in love with you, my dear

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Poetry – Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one feeling like this?
Am I the only one shredding in pieces?
Am I the only one screaming through verses?

What’s happening to me that I’m tearing?
What’s hitting me so hard that I’m breaking?
What’s giving me this numbness that I’m shaking?

Why am I looking in dark with empty eyes?
Why are my lips sealed & throat so dry?
Why am I feeling like fire, that’s about to die?

How can I survive when the light is fading with time?
How can I walk when my track is disappearing into broken lines?
How can I breathe when the air is suffocating my silence?

I’m shivering the shimmers with pure tremors
I’m twisting the beautiful minds with my terror
I’m traumatizing the hearts with my demons

My temple is screeching, I see the cracks in my brick
My heart is lonely, I stand at the brink of my flips
My soul is bleeding, I inhale the ashes covered in my red ink

—– Am I The Only One? —–

Am I The Only One is a poem full of different emotions. Everything has changed instantly in the moment of insanity. Perhaps I’m not the only one feeling like this, where the nights are darker than the darkest shade. The eyes are empty, the lips are sealed, the throat is dry, the heart is lonely & the soul is bleeding, as if I’m diminishing gradually. There is a state of shock.

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A poem – You and I

I’m flying high in the clear blue sky
My eyes are fixed on you with pure desire
Your sensual curvy form is making me to sigh
You look burning hot with your intense fire

The beauty in the beautiful you, it’s pure divine
The beating of your beautiful heart, your love is making me to dive-in
The fragrant beautiful essence you contain, I’m deeply in trance
The beautiful silhouette of you on my surface, I’m simply entrapped

You’re the magical scenery, I’m the dark shade on your canvas
You’re the infinite space, I’m the black spot in your universe
You’re the vast ocean, I’m the sharp edge in your deepness
You’re looking in the mirror, I’m the tear sitting on your eyelid

—– You and I —–

You and I is a poem about different types of contrast in life, like how darkness is important to be the light, why pain is related to love and how each human has two different sides. Sometimes patterns can take over and can change the picture instantly from heart (being) connection to body controlled by the mind (self).

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I Miss You – a Poem about Love

I miss looking at your beautiful face
I miss looking deep in your big eyes

I miss kissing your soft lips
I miss feeling your curvy body

I miss you crazily
I’m loosing my senses

Tears in my eyes every night & morning
It’s tearing me apart, you see

I keep longing for you
I need you by my side

I’m screaming out your name
But no one to respond to it

My brain is heavier now
My heart is simply crying for you

There’s nothing I can do
You’re a thousand miles away from me

I love you so much
I simply can’t hide it anymore

I keep picturing you
I can’t even deny this anymore

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A Poem: The Beautiful Souls & A Crazy Mind

The level of stress is too high
It doesn’t take a lot before everyone gets emotional & then the cry

This all started from the time back then
When I got hit by the bleeding in my damn brain

I see it every day how they react & act
It doesn’t take a whole lot to see them & myself crumble like a house of domino set

A small discomfort in him & he looses his cool
The whole house upside down the next moment coz he feels the world has turned against him & is so cruel

Now this other one is very sensitive & stressed out in his own way
He cries quite often these days & he keeps opposing me whatever I do or say

She’s trying her best to take the burden on her shoulders
But the threshold is crazy high, so she starts slowly to smoulder

She’s the other pillar of this beautiful home
She needs me coz it’s almost impossible to bear everything on her own

I’m going through a lot with my things as well
The feeling to isolate myself to find peace in that deep well

It’s not that I play insensitive or blind
I do sense things but I’m going kinda crazy in my own weird mind

I know if I fall apart once again
This sacred house will shatter into pieces, end of the game

So I try to calm my crazy mind & frozen nerves
It’s not easy though, I know how it is when body starts to burn

But no matter what, I give my words, I won’t give up
They’ve gone through a lot, it’s time to hit the switch, to brighten up

They need space, kisses & hugs from time to time
I’m here for them, it’s the end of this soulful ryhme

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Friends are treasure poem: Dark Ground

Looking out the glass door of my house
The plants & trees appear dark when the night falls
Even the grass appears grey & kind of dead in the dark zone

When the moonlight falls upon the ground zero
It lits up the dark skies & my ground with dimmed neon
The plants, trees & grass are still alive even they appear so dark
They’re talking to each other though it seems silence pin drop
They’re meditating while breathing the fresh air out

When the storm & rains hit from heavens
The roots of these plants & trees hold tight on their grounding
They stand tall & firm in crazy weather instead of fading & falling

The profound movement of each & every leaf that’s hanging around
The beautiful music in ears when wind kiss them gently on the fly
The deep percussion when the raindrops hit the leaves with that sound
And the drop then drips down on to my ground
This ground absorbs those drops to make them even taller & stronger

So let the wind play the music
Let the rains sprinkle the drops
Let the leaves perform the magical dance

I’m that ground, covered with plants, trees & grass
The near & dear ones are the greens that surrounds
The greens are penetrating deeper into the dark ground with their loving trust
This ground is doing its best to make them stand tall & strong during different weathers
But I must first heal myself, else everything attached to me will wither

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A poem about anxiety: Silenced Thoughts

I’ve gone speechless in these dark nights
Not able to breathe as if I’m wearing my skin skin tight
Not able to strike words from my slick side
As if my lips are sealed with loctite
But thoughts are racing with top speed in my crazy mind
I’m clenching my jaws & my teeth then grind
My blood is burning as if I’m about to street fight
But I only see myself & my own eyes
Coz I’m the only one standing on both sides
My eyes are heavy & this scene appears blurry from my inside

Am I the only one sensing everything is wrong coz I didn’t understand anything at all?
Am I the one draining energy with my own thoughts?
Am I the one weakening the body by sucking the blood out?
Am I the only one feeling lonely & restless tonight?
Am I the only one trying to sleep hard but the heart is wondering around & falling apart?
Am I the only one soaked up in tears & feeling so cold in this dark night?
Why am I feeling all this & why are my demons laughing at me so loud?

It’s my anxiety, that’s hitting me hard
My energy is quite aggressive & strong
It’s affecting everyone the way I behave & talk
I’m grateful that I’ve been told, that all I need is to calm myself down
Be kind to others than to just point their faults & flaws
So I’m updating my third eye OS to fix my inside & out
How many more times do I need to die to get such wake up calls?

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