Lightning Rhymes

Living in thoughts could be comfortable
Embracing the present seems unacceptable
Reality can be so unbelievable
Painbody is snapping me to unusual
Loving edges of perfect imperfections
Healing the soul is sole intention

Deep scars on my brutal blood surface
Arrows piercing in my broken top shelf
Bleeding river from my sensitive vessels
Crying ocean when I’m feeling restless
Feeling crazy when I skip the deep breaths
Unleashing devil when I’m manic anxious

Extinguishing sparks to calm the burning ashes
Expressing emotions to hit the freaking reset
Grinding patterns to feel the pure sand
Writing lines with my wondered senses
Lightning rhymes with my thunder pencil
Riding waves in search of peace & balance

—– Lightning Rhymes —–

Lightning Rhymes is a poem about the struggle to free myself from the sticky web of patterns & emotions. Sometimes I succeed & sometimes, I simply don’t. I’m learning every single moment to “deal” with me in order to find the inner peace. When the snapping snaps; when I loose my balance (psychological as well as physical), the whole ground shakes. It’s just not myself, who get affected.

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