A poem – Reload

The restlessness in me at this moment is dancing
Just like the flame of a candle when you light it
Where panic seems a beautiful lover of anxiety
My phase is pure darkness & it’s making this scene so freakin’ exciting

Sidelining my eyes from the memories when you said I was lying
And then you started questioning my integrity while you were crying
But your narrow barrel of paranoia was shooting bullets at me, they were flying
While I kept myself unshielded with honesty & was loving you, I was still trying

If I’m sitting today in silence & my eyes are wet by crying
It doesn’t mean I’m feeling weak & simply hiding or R.I.P., like dying
Coz the thoughts in my head are bleeding river while I’m freestyling
And honestly, they seem to be quite shaken in color red & a bit violent

So I decide to reload my beast mode to free flow my sleek sword
To meet you through your meatloaf & see through your lean throat
And to reach you & your sweet soul and lift you with a steep slope
To beat things to seek core & walk away in peace while I scream hope

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Poetry – Sharpening my Edges

Turning up the volume while I dance carelessly just like the tipsy being to caress the restless eternity

Shaking my wavy long hair just like the silverbeast I breathe to free the freak in me

Twisting my body just like the scaly serpentine to sway swiftly in this slippery scene 

Sensing the delusional beliefs just like the demons I breed inside of me to burn my inner skin

Fighting relentlessly just like the fluctuating flame that lit my dark nights with shadows of anxiety

Cutting the silence with the violence of my violet violin that’s snapping the tightened strings

Ripping the dead layers of my poisoned cells to fill the dark spaces with light full of raw intensity

Carving my rough face with my senseless fingers to project the formless edges of my blinded insanity

Filling my fountain pen with thick red to sketch my mountain of rocky emotions to draw sensitivity

Sharpening my edges on rough surface dipped in salty water to tear the fear through the visuals of my poetry

—– Sharpening my Edges —–

It is a soul-searching poem that portrays how it is to be myself & how I see the things. From black & white to colors and from one dimensional to multi-dimensional. Sometimes a real free flow dance or a mental one by visualizing my lines in the form of poetry can set me free. It’s like being tipsy / high with the raw energy. I’m simply cutting myself into pieces to find inner peace, by rebuilding me.

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Lightning Rhymes

Living in thoughts could be comfortable
Embracing the present seems unacceptable
Reality can be so unbelievable
Painbody is snapping me to unusual
Loving edges of perfect imperfections
Healing the soul is sole intention

Deep scars on my brutal blood surface
Arrows piercing in my broken top shelf
Bleeding river from my sensitive vessels
Crying ocean when I’m feeling restless
Feeling crazy when I skip the deep breaths
Unleashing devil when I’m manic anxious

Extinguishing sparks to calm the burning ashes
Expressing emotions to hit the freaking reset
Grinding patterns to feel the pure sand
Writing lines with my wondered senses
Lightning rhymes with my thunder pencil
Riding waves in search of peace & balance

—– Lightning Rhymes —–

Lightning Rhymes is a poem about the struggle to free myself from the sticky web of patterns & emotions. Sometimes I succeed & sometimes, I simply don’t. I’m learning every single moment to “deal” with me in order to find the inner peace. When the snapping snaps; when I loose my balance (psychological as well as physical), the whole ground shakes. It’s just not myself, who get affected.

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A poem about anxiety: Silenced Thoughts

I’ve gone speechless in these dark nights
Not able to breathe as if I’m wearing my skin skin tight
Not able to strike words from my slick side
As if my lips are sealed with loctite
But thoughts are racing with top speed in my crazy mind
I’m clenching my jaws & my teeth then grind
My blood is burning as if I’m about to street fight
But I only see myself & my own eyes
Coz I’m the only one standing on both sides
My eyes are heavy & this scene appears blurry from my inside

Am I the only one sensing everything is wrong coz I didn’t understand anything at all?
Am I the one draining energy with my own thoughts?
Am I the one weakening the body by sucking the blood out?
Am I the only one feeling lonely & restless tonight?
Am I the only one trying to sleep hard but the heart is wondering around & falling apart?
Am I the only one soaked up in tears & feeling so cold in this dark night?
Why am I feeling all this & why are my demons laughing at me so loud?

It’s my anxiety, that’s hitting me hard
My energy is quite aggressive & strong
It’s affecting everyone the way I behave & talk
I’m grateful that I’ve been told, that all I need is to calm myself down
Be kind to others than to just point their faults & flaws
So I’m updating my third eye OS to fix my inside & out
How many more times do I need to die to get such wake up calls?

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Sleepless Nights

Is what I’ve been feeling

My nights are ending sleepless
Twisting & turning throughout the night
Trying to change the posture to sleep heavy
But the more I try, the less I sleep really
Pain in the left shoulder or right arm is driving me crazy
Every 2 hours, the red button I’m pressing
Painkillers & sleeping pills aren’t helping

Questioning myself, what is my suffering?
Is there something in my head that I’m speculating?
Is my mind talking to me constantly?
Or am I dreaming without even sleeping?

Just want to scream
That a proper sleep is what I dream
Loosing the patience
In my upper space
Hoping that the sleepless nights will phase out
And I would get the peace without sawing the dreamy scenes out