Dark Skies

Bright sunlight is falling upon my face
But dark skies have started covering my scarred phase
Trying to let it go from the mind, the top space
But heart is replaying the beat from that soulful place

Pain is what I feel
Sadness is what I’m surrounded with
My chest feels so heavy
Arrows in my body
That pinching sensation in my brain
Bathing in my blood
But the inside is even bloodier

Look deeper in the eyes
Eyes can never lie
No matter how hard they try to hide
The perception of the whole story
Perhaps this is also the way to heal

I knew the consequences
I knew there was these terms
So how can I complain?
Though heart is broken & bleeding
Blessing has different ways & forms
Shutting my eyes off
To clear the darker skies
From the light of that spiritual form

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2 thoughts on “Dark Skies

  1. I, too, mourned the loss of that loving insight. Clouded over by the body pained & crazed mind…not from the heart to where our being sings freely….sparrow comes to mind {hugs}

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