Piece of Mind

I can’t do several things in the now
That I used to in my previous time
The things that were already defined
The need to shout & cry
When things look different on my site
When obstructions are difficult to line
Wish to work, that I can’t deny
When my hand won’t work even though I try
When I feel helpless but I still keep going on & fight
I need to now quantify
To clearly justify
Then to nullify
The new awakening to simply redefine
To purely redesign
To mentally & spiritually refine
To simply search & find
To restitute my peace of mind
The obscure is the new defined
With this crazy mind
That speaks when I sleep at night
To walk me through my inside
To enlighten & give me the insight
To simply simplify
And then to synthesize
To make things synchronize
With this body & my mind
The formless form makes me to fly
To form the fireflies
That light the darker skies
That make my vision of a different kind
That’s so clear with infinite sight
Coz I won’t give up till I die
Sounds crazy but this is how I’m living my life

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