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I’m reliving tonight the old story
New details but absolutely no flooring
My scene isn’t sharp coz it’s very blurry
Looking downstairs is difficult, it’s pretty scary
Struggling with balance, so I walk slowly
Small explosions in my head are kinda crazy
So I pack my things while I’m so thirsty
Coz I’ve called the number & I’m quite ready

My face is stiff like skintight denim
Ambulance is on it way, it’s soon comin’
Paramedics popping questions & I’m up summing
Suffocated behind mask but I’m still breathing
No energy in me, I just wanna slip in
Driving to hospital, ambulance is reaching the drive-in
Thoughts are running while I’m buckled & resting
Am I on my way to get a new bleeding?

2.5 day later I found out (after tests, scanning & examinations), there were no signs of new bleeding.

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59 thoughts on “Reliving

  1. A vivid piece, dear Navin…I could feel your pain and emotion. So sorry to hear about this experience but I’m glad to know everything is ok!! You’re so strong and your light shines through any pain!!! I truly love your honest and vulnerable words here, you’re such a talented writer. Much love, dear Navin!! Always here for you and sending so much healing energy, peace and good vibes!!! Keep shining 🖤✨🤗

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words, healing energy & peace, dear Ace….it warms my heart….my poetry is like my own journal….my therapy….much love ❤️ ✨ 🙏

  2. This was hard to read, such raw emotion, physical and mental pain. Happy to hear that the prognosis was good with no damage. Sending you 💙🙏🏼 and healing vibes. 💫🌻

  3. Dear Navin, this is painful to read 💔💔
    I can imagine what you have gone through, but thankfully I am glad that you are doing alright now. Sending you love and prayers ❤️🤗

  4. A poem that resonated with me strongly Navin … a journey I have lived through …
    Who’s Left to Row the Boat

    The storms are too many to count
    Emotional lows had weathered me out
    Her journey with MS was a struggle
    How much lower could our lives sink

    After fourteen years of our battles, I suffered a Stroke
    An ambulance came, my brain was in a boat
    Floating out to sea, overboard and panic-stricken
    I wasn’t swimming, barely awake, and drifting
    I had fallen, nothing was working, and not talking
    She’s crying, I’m sobbing, my heart is dying
    And who’s left to row the boat, I’m thinking
    I was jabbed with a needle and silently sleeping

    I awoke a day later, in hospital, feeling wasted
    My face was limp, mouth parched, was that death I tasted
    My mind was active, I thought, where is she
    I knew I was bad; the room was all blurry to me
    Strong anxieties had set in, I needed to know
    Nurses came to me, I pleaded, I wanted to go
    “Help me to see her, just give my bed a tow
    Please let me go, before I’m covered in snow”

    1. What a beautiful, painful & heartfelt poem of yours, Ivor….what a journey you’ve gone through….I truly believe, there’s alwats deeper reason of every single moment….journey….experiences….it tells & teaches us, which we sometimes don’t understand right away….much love & light 🙏❤️

              1. Blogging is good for me too… living by myself has difficult during these stressful ‘covid’ times … and my WP friends have very supportive and a constant source of friendly entertainment … 😀😍

                1. Oh yes, these times are very challenging for sure and I can imagaine living alone has it’s fair share of challenges Ivor! It truly is a gift!❣️❣️💖

                  1. Haha.. of course I’ve had lots of time to write a lot more than I normally would, and my book has been a lovely reward from the many shut-down months … 😍😀

                    1. “Tullawalla” is on Amazon & B&N eBook’s …. but B&N are terribly slow rolling out my printed books .. 🙂😏

  5. What a beautiful and heartfelt way of describing your pain Navin. Hope and pray all this is over and past and a new day is born.

    Love and blessings 🤗💖

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words, Ashok…a new day is surely born….just a new moment….every single moment 🙏❤️🤗

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words….yeah, all of a sudden week was longer….I’m feeling much better, Linda 😊✨

    1. It was quite a weird feeling when it was happening….writing poetry is therapeutic…it helps….I’m feeling much better….thank you, Anisha ✨😊

  6. Oh my goodness, I had no idea! Beautiful writing but what a scary thing to live through… I’m so glad that you are here and able to keep loving and writing.

  7. Wow Navin,
    this had me panic stricken and I could only think of our recent convos recently which you sounded completely composed while you are handling so much. Your writing was deeply moving and you had me on edge until the end and I was just so releive you were ok!!! Sending love and payers to you! xoxoxoxo

    1. I was trying to find peace amidst my inner chaos….some of the messages I replied from the hospital….much love to you, Cindy ✨❤️

      1. oh my dear Navin, I do hope that our connection did bring some solace to you. Much love to you as well. 💖❣️❣️❣️Glad you’re on the mend right now. ❣️💖

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