I’m reliving tonight the old story
New details but absolutely no flooring
My scene isn’t sharp coz it’s very blurry
Looking downstairs is difficult, it’s pretty scary
Struggling with balance, so I walk slowly
Small explosions in my head are kinda crazy
So I pack my things while I’m so thirsty
Coz I’ve called the number & I’m quite ready

My face is stiff like skintight denim
Ambulance is on it way, it’s soon comin’
Paramedics popping questions & I’m up summing
Suffocated behind mask but I’m still breathing
No energy in me, I just wanna slip in
Driving to hospital, ambulance is reaching the drive-in
Thoughts are running while I’m buckled & resting
Am I on my way to get a new bleeding?

2.5 day later I found out (after tests, scanning & examinations), there were no signs of new bleeding.

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Freeing my Soul

Clicking my jaws
Flipping my flaws
Painting my falls
Skipping my pulse
Breaking my calm
Screaming my raw
Caging my thoughts
Snapping my bars
Forming my sword
Slitting my form
Revealing my scars
Bleeding my drops
Paining my dark
Chaining my dawn
Burying my ground
Burning my whole
Freeing my soul

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A poem – Cry

It’s been raining heavily every single day & night
I’m breathing ashes, the air is exploding flaming dynamite
The universe seems pitch dark, there’s no sign of intense light
I’m drowning in deep sorrow, pain is what I feel & write

I’m sitting still in shock, surrounded by speechless noise
My body is covered in layers but my state is frozen to cubicle ice
My heart is beating with crazy screams of my saddened voice
I don’t know what else to do when all I do is to simply cry

My big brown eyes were once shining with beautiful green crystals so divine
Now they’re soaked in sparkling tears, red eyes are all left behind
I dreamt, I could fly high with my broken wings in beautiful blue skies
But my feet are sinking slowly on heavy ground every moment that passes by

I’m trying hard to accept & breathe without the painful sighs of life
The knife is stuck in the I & it won’t let me live, it won’t let me die
So I close my eyes to sense the deep emotions that are suffocating my mind
But then I cry even more coz it feels as if I’m witnessing my own demise

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A poem – Colorful Theme

I’m trying to close my sleepy eyes so I can finally fall asleep
And I’m covering myself in layers before I impatiently start to freeze
But my anxiety is propping me to fall hard on my once operated knees
So I end up playing in dark this reckless game of hide & scream

I’m seeing countless spots on this black & white transparent plastic sheet
My mind is bleeding red diamonds when I walk barefoot on this edgy street
My numbness is on/off frustrating me, it’s wanting me to switch on my freak
I’m turning blue, so I’m blueprinting a list if you know what I mean

Can you see my lids are carrying these bloody tears?
Can you feel my blood is boiling in my crazy heat?
Can you believe I sometimes feel like torching my entire scene?
Can you even reach when I want to bury my body infinite feet?

But then I dive into your green sea to see me with pure clarity
I play your crystal clear music to string me with sweet melody
I absorb your fine lines to levitate me with this magical imagery
I write the (U’n’I)verse of love when I sense your profound energy

I see the moon is shining with open mentality
I see the stars are burning in azure spirituality
I see the sky is evolving with colorful theme
I see the sun is beaming hope inside of me

This all reset the entire picture of my entangled reality
Love is stitching & healing my scars in peace & prosperity
I know, I’m not leaving yet coz I’ve just come out of catastrophe
You’re my sacred mirror, I can see the white light inside of me

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