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Poetry – Sharpening my Edges

Turning up the volume while I dance carelessly just like the tipsy being to caress the restless eternity

Shaking my wavy long hair just like the silverbeast I breathe to free the freak in me

Twisting my body just like the scaly serpentine to sway swiftly in this slippery scene 

Sensing the delusional beliefs just like the demons I breed inside of me to burn my inner skin

Fighting relentlessly just like the fluctuating flame that lit my dark nights with shadows of anxiety

Cutting the silence with the violence of my violet violin that’s snapping the tightened strings

Ripping the dead layers of my poisoned cells to fill the dark spaces with light full of raw intensity

Carving my rough face with my senseless fingers to project the formless edges of my blinded insanity

Filling my fountain pen with thick red to sketch my mountain of rocky emotions to draw sensitivity

Sharpening my edges on rough surface dipped in salty water to tear the fear through the visuals of my poetry

—– Sharpening my Edges —–

It is a soul-searching poem that portrays how it is to be myself & how I see the things. From black & white to colors and from one dimensional to multi-dimensional. Sometimes a real free flow dance or a mental one by visualizing my lines in the form of poetry can set me free. It’s like being tipsy / high with the raw energy. I’m simply cutting myself into pieces to find inner peace, by rebuilding me.

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44 thoughts on “Poetry – Sharpening my Edges

    1. Oh, I do feel better…shaking it off in my way…thanks, Jay….Sadly your comment landed in spam….that’s why replying it now…I don’t get it why…did you dance like crazy? 😉

  1. This is a very strong expression of introspection . To face all challenges visible and covert and to acknowledge the chaos within are all depicted in verse .very vivid and intense

  2. “Filling my fountain pen with thick red to sketch my mountain of rocky emotions to draw sensitivity”…felt this all🖤❤

  3. WOW. WOW. WOW. This is energy.. It’s fire.. It’s passion.. It’s destruction which always brings rebirth.
    You are demon
    You are an angel
    You are You.
    Sending plenty of love my dearest Navin.

    1. Thank you very much, Blue…I’m seeing your comment first now…after over an year…my apologies…I don’t understand how I missed it 🙏✨💙💫

  4. It is evident how much care you put into your work, Navin. Always really vivid imagery with every word you choose. I especially love “violence of my violet violin” and “formless edges of my blinded insanity” 🙌

  5. Wow Navin, this is powerful. Fully of intensity and passion. I can feel it. Very vivid, strong, emotional and crazy good. Beautifully expressed what you feel I’m your soul, let it out… Each word and line written is full of raw energy. Loved every part. Keep flowing. Amirah ❤️

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