Spoken Word – From Nothingness to Emptiness

I’m walking on this path where the scene is changing constantly or at least, this is how it appears

I pierce the pillars of ice, fire, storm, rocks, rain, brain, waves, wires, pliers, rhythm, blues & nothing

I’m cold, hot, freezing, burning, humid, sensitive, sensible, lonely, connected, sage, insane, rough, fine, pain, joy & nothing

That nothing is everything when I sense this empty field with my closed eyes & when I sea it with the eyes opened

So often I’m calmly, mindfully, open heartedly surrounded by the surrendering & nurturing nature herbs of this supernatural Universe

Acceptance plays an important role in order to roll forward towards the highest order, which is unconditional love for myself & for the different reflections of me in the form of other human beings in my life that I see in the mirror of my I

High I am not at this or any other point of time where I type systematically the stereotyped lines that might act as the synthetic steroid to my ego muscle that proclaims that I’m the shine of the divine

The sign that I’m trying to light by switching the noise of high screams with the sensitive sound of sighs is to reveal that my ground could be the breathtaking landscape but it could also be the heartbreaking landslide

But to hide in the depths or the heights of the tides is not me & my type even when I can’t subside my pain side that I tend to subconsciously subscribe coz I’m not always able to be in oneness with nothingness

Needless to point this attention at the pointed needle which at times is ready to prick my demons stored in my cloud brain, that are kinda ready to devour every single vowel to break the meaningful words into meaningless carnage

The damage they cause in that coarse course is colossal that it’s close to irreparable but I still prepare myself by prepaying the cost of the vibrational effect from my different reflections by catching my own breath, which in reality is to reconnect with my senses to reset & dissolve my scene in the very present but perhaps it’s already too late coz I feel that I’m sitting with nothing but emptiness

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19 thoughts on “Spoken Word – From Nothingness to Emptiness

  1. An amazing spoken word, dearest Navin. Powerful, beautiful, and enlightening, as always. ❤️🌹✨

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words…I very much appreciate them…you name appears as “Anonymous”…all I know that you’re a kind being…which is more than enough ✨❤️💫🙏

  2. Wow Navin..such a journey I just went on with you…with your words and walking along to your voice. Your depth in your dichotomy is breath taking…you remind us you know and have been well connected to the oneness of the universe, but then comes those dangerous times of chaos and uncontrolled impulse, where you go beyond its frontiers, then spend a lifetime repairing the almost irreparable collateral damage that lies strewn around you, When you are in tune in sync with yourself and life you are the flowing sage of calmness and true wisdom..but when you tilt out of balance you are a formidable force, a blizzard of coldness and fear. You show us all sides that make your poetry such an honest and heady ride…such an acute introspection where you always find the words to help us see you so clearly. This is such a magnificent, transparent honest portrait, that you paint with just the right words. Bravo my dear poet and friend Brravo!! 🌹

    1. I was sitting quietly after reading your words…precise they are…this is the exact feeling I’ve expressed through my lines & voice…the thing is that I am both the doer & the observer of my own doings…peaceful breeze & storm…which sometimes gets triggered by the surroundings…no matter what, it’s my own responsibility how I see & handle those trigger point…as the pinching pain or like the trigger point massage…this poem came to me instantly & I decided to give my voice…my utmost gratitude for seeing me…for reading me…for listening to me, Karima ✨🙏❤️

  3. Your words penetrate deeply Navin to the light and shadow we all have walked at one point or another if we are truly paying attention. Triggers are always opportunities to go deeper and clear a path to let go and receive. Hearing your delivery was incredible. great job!

    1. I’m glad you could connect with my lines…true, triggers are always opportunities to go deeper…wise words…thank you very much for your heartfelt words, dear Cindy 🙏💫❤️✨

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