Spoken Word - Smoking Sacred

Spoken Word – Smoking Sacred & My Confession

I wrote Smoking Sacred in January 2021…at that time I published it with Spoken Word…but I had to take it down within 30 minutes due to an issue (non-technical)…A couple of readers even commented on my Spoken Word…but I had to delete that part…I didn’t like doing so…coz remaining true to myself & to my readers is absolutely important…I had never done such thing before…and I don’t intend to do it again…ever…please accept my apologies…authenticity & honesty is what I flow…this is who I am…I won’t be changing that part of me for no one…take it or leave it…therefore, I’m publishing the Spoken Word now…please note, I’m not doing so for the sake of likes or positive or uplifting comment(s)…I’m doing it to make it right…the way it was supposed to be…right from the very beginning…thank you very much

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34 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Smoking Sacred & My Confession

      1. Its a pleasure always ☺☺
        I am doing good just was busy with my studies and upcoming pg entrance exams time constraints 😅😅
        How you have been?

          1. No, no, the exam got postponed again 😅😅due to the current surge in covid cases, maybe it will happen next month aur so hopefully 🤞
            That’s great , take care

            1. Let’s see….if you live in India, then it seems difficult….the graph is going crazy….so many covid cases everywhere….I hope, you’re staying safe ✨

              1. Yup, I live in India, and the situation is getting worse each day
                Yup, I am safe😊, hoping the same for you, take care ☺

                1. It’s good to hear you’re safe….That’s what I hear from my family in India as well….I’m taking care 😊✨

  1. I remember this poem when you posted it first time around, minus the vocal reading which I didn’t hear. I will say it is Smoking Sacred beautifully and the vocal adds to the depth of it.

  2. Dear Navin,
    While I know you didn’t add this for likes, I can’t help but let you know how nice it was to hear your voice while you read your beautiful lines of poetry. It was so penetrating and very rich wirth reflection and love! 💖🌷❤️

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