Friends are treasure poem: Dark Ground

Looking out the glass door of my house
The plants & trees appear dark when the night falls
Even the grass appears grey & kind of dead in the dark zone

When the moonlight falls upon the ground zero
It lits up the dark skies & my ground with dimmed neon
The plants, trees & grass are still alive even they appear so dark
They’re talking to each other though it seems silence pin drop
They’re meditating while breathing the fresh air out

When the storm & rains hit from heavens
The roots of these plants & trees hold tight on their grounding
They stand tall & firm in crazy weather instead of fading & falling

The profound movement of each & every leaf that’s hanging around
The beautiful music in ears when wind kiss them gently on the fly
The deep percussion when the raindrops hit the leaves with that sound
And the drop then drips down on to my ground
This ground absorbs those drops to make them even taller & stronger

So let the wind play the music
Let the rains sprinkle the drops
Let the leaves perform the magical dance

I’m that ground, covered with plants, trees & grass
The near & dear ones are the greens that surrounds
The greens are penetrating deeper into the dark ground with their loving trust
This ground is doing its best to make them stand tall & strong during different weathers
But I must first heal myself, else everything attached to me will wither

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Poems: Friends are a treasure (1). Offshore writings: She! (2). Dark ground is a spiritual poem about intense relationships.