Reflection Hologram

These days my best friend is reflection
But there’s no deflection from the sense perception
Simply sensing the vibrations from several different creations
And finding peace in the middle of heavy explosions 
Being conscious is what it takes to loose the cautions 
This isn’t some cinematic fiction, it’s just an observation 
It’s the pure affection with that unknown relation
Where there are no diversions & no manipulation
This reflection takes me to the greater depths beyond imagination

It seems as if this world has tremendously changed 
Changed is the scene when I walk outside in the heavy rain
Perhaps my reality has built another picture frame
Perhaps the meaning of life for me isn’t the same
Perhaps I can see the deeper dimensions projected on my screen
Perhaps I can see my reflection in everyone I look at, a thought insane
Perhaps I can relate to the pain of every single face that passes by my lane
This picture is so intense than the trillion stars in the outer space
Reflection is what I’m reflecting, it’s the hologram of my inner space

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