A poem about Love

On 4th November Josie @josima7772 from Instagram shared a post, where she wrote 4 lovely lines about love & tagged her silver sisters…she didn’t tag me directly coz…well, I ain’t no sista 😉😂…I’m a platinum card holder though…by that I mean, I’ve platinum long hair…she tagged me in her story to ask if I would write a few lines about love…the moment I went through her story & then the post, I wrote these lines instantly…whatever showed up on my inner screen in that moment…I wrote this poem as a comment on Josie’s post…sharing it with you…you are also welcome to read the original post by clicking here

We dream love
We bleed love
We breathe love
But still it seems so
We miss love
We seek love
Not everyone is being loved
Coz we forget in the thick rush
That love has always been within us

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Lots of beautiful posts & comments are flowing on my screen
But unfortunately, I ain’t able to read those lovely writings
Coz I’ve been absent from WP & IG for almost a week
It’s just this little thing with me that I feel kinda weak
Cough, cold & fever are knocking my surface constantly
So taking rest most of the time is my current priority
I’ll be back but just know there’s always a constant flow of energy between you & me

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Photo taken by myself. 

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“A” Poem

Eyes wet
Mind heavy
Can’t breathe
Throat choked
Senses numbed
Fluctuating beats

Speechless as I speak
Reflections I truly see
Crystals are still green
Staring at those scenes
Memories on my screen
The heart simply bleeds

The voice of yours is stuck in me
The lines you used to write to me
The song that you did sing for me
The picture is burnt deep inside of me
The finger twitches as I type in anxiety
The silence fills the air through my poetry

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