A poem – Pure

It’s dark outside right now in the scene of cold winter
The heat is on but my longing for you makes me to shiver
So I hold a corner of my pillow as if you’re with me under the layer
And I kiss your lips passionately & then whisper that I very much love you

I’m burning my senses in your fire, you’re simply so irreristbile
I’m digging my ground deeper, you’re the depth unreachable
I’m filling my page with your essence, you’re the line of my every verse
I’m seeing beyond my deep scars, you’re the light of my universe

My face is glowing with your aura when I look into the mirror
My eyes are sparkling with your crystals, it’s pure love that I river
My heart is beating with pure joy, your healing is simply magical
You’re the smoke of my soul, you look quite hot & so spiritual

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