A poem - Shattered

A poem – Shattered

I’m unlocking my phone & checking my post every second minute
But no new mails anymore, there are only empty spaces
I’m feeling cold & my core is burning in agony beyond any limits

It’s still difficult to believe, how the things have ended in a split second
Energies were glowing like the beautiful stars, everything was smoking sacred
But memories are all that’s left behind, the feeling of being one is burning ashes

My eyes are fixed on a mirror, they look pretty dead & quite rigid
I’m seeing reflections of crystal green but that mirror is now cracking
I’m touching the cracks on its surface but it’s me that’s purely shattered into pieces

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54 thoughts on “A poem – Shattered

  1. Being shaken to the core and shatterend into pieces is so powerfully exhibited in your words and chills run down my spine when I hear them. Some of our best writing comes from these times. Nice job Navin! 💖

  2. As the new day arises we must carry on and be our best selves. For noone else but ourselves, we owe it to ourselves to grow. We feel pain and happiness. We r human. Nothing more, nothing less 🙏

    1. Thank you very much, Diana 🙏 ❤️….my apologies for late reply….I found your comment in spam folder….the mystery of WP 🤨🧐

  3. Drying my eyes, covering my feet, and counting my blessings. Navin, another beautiful poem to flow…my flowic….not sure what storm happened but my world is still sitting in pieces….no answers have been given & feeling quite the pariah at times even & trying to stay steadfast on ‘healing’ but w/out others helping me fill in the time loss …I’m stuck stale-mated as I see changes around my town more than just being in the hospital 2 wks…..I will get caught up on your writings more….thank you for being so strong for me …the energy is more than appreciated and life refreshing…..Much love my flowic friend…

    1. Thank you very much, dear Kym….nice to see you back….give yourself time….baby steps….to find the peace & grounding….you know where to find me….much love

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