Colour Red

I’m simply looking at my situation and relating to it with colour red (blood), shaky ground, broken clouds with roaring sound. Even though everything is so intense, I do feel the touch of a healing hand.

I’m standing on my ground
Looking up towards the sky & the clouds
I hear then a roaring sound
The lightning hits & shakes my ground

The sky is crying rain over my head
I feel the droplets of rain hitting on myself
But then I notice my ground is muddy with different appearance
My whole body & ground has turned into bloody red

I turn again my head towards the sky
The passing clouds seem so heavy & bleeding with thick red
The sky looks so different in this bloody shade
Just like this bleeding in my crazy head

Everything has turned into this color red
But then I feel a healing hand on my head
It’s touching my wounds with love & care
I can visualize & sense the healing effect on myself

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