A poem – You and I

You & I is a poem about how I look at you & how you look at me (not literally). The contrast between lightness & darkness, love & pain, feminine & masculine, yin & yang and Self & Being.

Poetry - You and I

I’m flying high in the clear blue sky
My eyes are fixed on you with pure desire
Your sensual curvy form is making me to sigh
You look burning hot with your intense fire

The beauty in the beautiful you, it’s pure divine
The beating of your beautiful heart, your love is making me to dive-in
The fragrant beautiful essence you contain, I’m deeply in trance
The beautiful silhouette of you on my surface, I’m simply entrapped

You’re the magical scenery, I’m the dark shade on your canvas
You’re the infinite space, I’m the black spot in your universe
You’re the vast ocean, I’m the sharp edge in your deepness
You’re looking in the mirror, I’m the tear sitting on your eyelid

—– You and I —–

You and I is a poem about different types of contrast in life, like how darkness is important to be the light, why pain is related to love and how each human has two different sides. Sometimes patterns can take over and can change the picture instantly from heart (being) connection to body controlled by the mind (self).

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31 thoughts on “A poem – You and I”

  1. Exceptional poem. The finale is fabulous.
    “You’re the vast ocean, I’m the sharp edge in your deepness
    You’re looking in the mirror, I’m the tear sitting on your eyelid”
    WOW. You left me speeches tonight.

    1. Thanks you wholeheartedly for your beautiful words, dearest G….you know how to reach the heart….hit the strings & play the music with your magnificent lyrics….Much love ❤️

        1. Good afternoon dearest Gabriela, Your poems are playing in my heart…I only deleted one Test post, where I asked for my readers feedback whether they were receiving any notifications or not. That’s all. Did you receive my reply on your beautiful comment on “This Animal is Back” & “You & I”?

          1. Good afternoon my dearest Navin. I thought I received your reply to This Animal is back but I could not see the poem anymore on your site. Perhaps I am mistaken. I will look again ❤️

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