This Animal is Back

Don’t walk like this in your silky skin infront of me
My craving for you is crawling up a mountain frenzy
You’re looking red hot & my eyes are burning destiny

Gaining your trust while I throw you with my rawness on that turf
Messing with your mind & body while I pull your messy hair
Tearing your peace in pieces while I look deep into your big eyes

Whispering my twisted words in your ears to reach your red crystal
Sketching on you with my sharp nails to make you whisper pain with your deep vocals
Shaking you intensely to awaken your senses to make a connection with your crying soul

Biting your tender flesh slowly to calm my hunger with my hungry teeth
Oh, I feel like an animal
My lips are sticky & shaded as I taste the thick red that you’re bleeding
I think, I’m an animal
Even the wind under dark heavens of hell is howling crazy
Yeah, I’m an animal

I see you in my mirror & my lens is bleeding red visuals
Ahh, I’m so bloodthirsty animal
I see you in my shadow & I look like that fiery dragon
Wo, I’m so scary animal
I see you shattered & scattered all over my dark ground
Rahh, I’m so brutal animal
I disappear in darkness after killing your dying soul to be one with the new you & eternity
Yeah, I am that tainted & untamed animal

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Notes: Haiku – seasonal transformation (1). Myths of the mirror (2) In the dark, a rose #poem (3)

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Photo credits: The beautiful picture of moon is taken by my dear friend, Nitish Jain. I’ve added some layers & filters to make it scream my poem.

23 thoughts on “This Animal is Back

    1. Yeah Blue Eyes…this was how I was feeling when I wrote this poem…it’s like…I was coming back after a month of break with bloodthirsty teeth & mind 💙✨

  1. What can I say? What should I say? There is so much passion in this poem, Navin. Every time I read it my head is spinning like a carousel. Have you ever said that my poetry is passionate and beautiful? If you did please know that yours is a million times better.
    Can’t you tell I am kind of scared and ready to take cover? 🙂 I feel like I was hit by an entire ocean of passion.
    You are a fabulous poet, Navin. This poem is a masterpiece. Bravo.
    Sending you love. Plenty of love. An ocean of love 🙂

    1. Dearest Gabriela, Somehow your beautiful words landed in spam folder….just like the time when you wrote your comment on in the beginning. I’m glad I decided to check the spam folder.

      You’ve no idea how many times I’ve read your beautiful comment full of appreciation & love….I’m deeply touched that you could feel my poetry. ”Can’t you tell I am kind of scared and ready to take cover?”….I would never want you to be scared but on the other hand, it’s a huge appreciation….it’s a big compliment….complex & passionate in it’s own manner.

      I’m a big fan of you….Fan is a small word, especially when I’m in love with your deep, passionate, beautiful, sensual & magnificent poems. You’re that big & shining star when I look towards the sky. Believe me, I can go on & on & on.

      Sending you oasis of love, melted with hugs, wrapped in the form of chocolate & a flower bouquet….

  2. Oh this was amazing! That’s how I feel when I’m fighting my anxiety. It’s a whole war and no matter who wins at the end… a part of you will be hurt!

    1. It’s absolutely true…thank you for your words…anxiety (& panic) are quite known to me as well…idk y I missed your comment…just saw it today first…my apologies dear Rinum…I hope you’re able to fight this battle with anxiety…sometimes I fight & sometimes I accept & surrender….

  3. Perhaps my interpretation was off but this made me feel things only an animal can make me feel and I want to be ravaged like that…

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