Spoken Word – The demons in me

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The demons in me (edited version)

The demons in me
are screaming and dancing
making me restless

The demons in me
are whispering and laughing
making me nervous

The demons in me
are twisting and turning
not letting me breathe

The demons in me
are nesting inside me
trying to break me in pieces

The demons in me
are simply reflections
my own interpretations

The demons in me
I recognize them now
so I let them stay
without giving attention

The demons in me
are Control, Ego and Pain-body
nobody but me can set them free

The demons in me
wish to open my Heart
so I let my Self leave
to be the very Being

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A Poem about…Burning the Self

Burning the Self is a poem, through which I’m trying to set me free. Poetry helps me in resetting the eye of an I, which is often covered with pain body of different emotions.

Let me free me from my see-through & tight hold of the reins
The shining pearls I’m dripping in this beautiful & heavy rain
The clouds are dark & heavy, they are veiling my layers of pain

Crazy lines I’m scripting through the multiple black spots in my damaged brain
It’s not in vain when I say my phase is the one controlling my haunted scene
It’s like the red tint is tainted when it flows out from the inside of my stressed out veins

The way my top frame is screaming out in top form the rising rage
I go crazy when my brain blows out in pieces to ride the insanely strong waves
My mind is sometimes constrained in square shapes, I’m not able to losen my grip

Sharp thorns I’m shedding by burning the outer surface of my thick skin
Deep dents I’m hammering out of the deformed shape of my swirling face
It’s my Being standing out peacefully behind the ashes of my burning Self

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