A Poem: The Beautiful Souls & A Crazy Mind

The level of stress is too high
It doesn’t take a lot before everyone gets emotional & then the cry

This all started from the time back then
When I got hit by the bleeding in my damn brain

I see it every day how they react & act
It doesn’t take a whole lot to see them & myself crumble like a house of domino set

A small discomfort in him & he looses his cool
The whole house upside down the next moment coz he feels the world has turned against him & is so cruel

Now this other one is very sensitive & stressed out in his own way
He cries quite often these days & he keeps opposing me whatever I do or say

She’s trying her best to take the burden on her shoulders
But the threshold is crazy high, so she starts slowly to smoulder

She’s the other pillar of this beautiful home
She needs me coz it’s almost impossible to bear everything on her own

I’m going through a lot with my things as well
The feeling to isolate myself to find peace in that deep well

It’s not that I play insensitive or blind
I do sense things but I’m going kinda crazy in my own weird mind

I know if I fall apart once again
This sacred house will shatter into pieces, end of the game

So I try to calm my crazy mind & frozen nerves
It’s not easy though, I know how it is when body starts to burn

But no matter what, I give my words, I won’t give up
They’ve gone through a lot, it’s time to hit the switch, to brighten up

They need space, kisses & hugs from time to time
I’m here for them, it’s the end of this soulful ryhme

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7 thoughts on “A Poem: The Beautiful Souls & A Crazy Mind

  1. Your Family: They are your pillars to draw the strength to carry on. You are such a beautiful vision of words to read. A challenge that you forge on and seek the right direction to protect those you love to cherish the most…..Light and carefree is hard to reach when the body is in a crisis that others can’t see nor understand what it’s like inside of that said body as the mind knows the peace it can find……..You are wise in the wisdom you’ve shared and the reality that you compare in the emotive writings you are special & rare…keep the flow and knowing the importance of your family is the blessing in all this messiness…..{{{HUGS}}}}

    1. Thanks for the beautiful and heartfelt comment. How did I miss this one from you? My apologies. Much love dear Willow ❤️

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