The words are flowing in me as I write this poem. Everything is simply connected to each other in a beautiful manner. You need to feel the poem than to analyse it. Connecting heart, with universe, with living creatures and finding perfection in imperfections. Even the beautiful moon has dark spots – be who you really are.

Connecting with the things that are imperfect 
Is the perfection to connect with your impurities 
But purity can’t be felt by you honestly 
If you can’t feel the beating inside of you intensely
So framing this in the scenes of living beings 
Is simply threading moments that’s quite a wary thing
Probably, you won’t get a single thing from my wordings
Just try to leave the analysis once in parenthesis
Now sense the breeze & forget about everything
You would then feel the breeze as your very own being
Your eyes will become intense & infinitely deep
Sacredly, this universe & your heart belong to the same beat

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The Devil’s Face

It’s my poem of horrors if you simply read the words. But if you dig deeper, it’s not about the blood bath. It’s about showing the real face, which we tend to hide to give the fake appearance of looking happy & great. To me, it’s not a scary poem, it’s a sacred one – a different art form.

The desire to rip off the devilish face

Pump the blood out of the bloody arteries & veins

Need to burn the body in intense fire & flames

Slice the remains in sharp pieces & small scales

Cut the bones with saw, the sharp rotating chain

Everything collapses, no screams & there’s no pain

Cook the flesh in thick blood till it’s tender & changes its shade

Finding the demons that reside in haunted & crumbled shed

Hiding behind the intense & provocative lens

Made of complex geometries with that improperly proper base

This scene looks so scary from your narrow & twisted lane

There’s a fine line between your sane & my insane

Feel the heat, I’m not here to dig your grave

The gory imagination is an art of this devil, the creative brain

Just show the true you, that’s living behind your face

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Blinking Ph(r)ase

I’m simply staring at the blinking cursor on my dark screen. It’s similar to my blinking phase in this very moment. I’m restless, scared, quite anxious and panicking as I don’t know whether I would be able to be alone with my kids for 3 months while my wife is studying in another country. But it’s not about putting blame on her as it’s not about her at all. I’m doubting myself & my capabilities. It’s the testing time for me to show I can take care. I’m trying to find the patience, peace – my grounding, as my mind is thinking military. The discipline I need to take care of 2 kids from early morning til I put them to bed & having a full time job, that’s normally full of deadlines. Not a big deal fir several single parents but I feel, our situation quite unique. So I’m kind of terrified but somehow, I’m able to stand on my ground.

Staring at the blinking cursor on this dark page
Feel the need to sprinkle brilliant dark dust from my scarred phrase
Even in darkness, I can see the reflection of my manic face
But it’s my perception, coz this is just a frantic phase

I can already feel the intensity
Tomorrow is going to bring the sensitivity
Things are going to change dramatically
The gravity has started shifting enormously
Feeling scared in the scarcity of the sacred serenity


These aren’t some random words, you might not understand the half of it
But if you connect them all, you would see S.C.A.R.E.D.
It’s already so real for me but I’m not ready to loose & forfeit
The demon of anxiety is dancing on the blood surface & giving me fits 
And I can’t see & sense the ground under my burning cold feet

Nerves are controlling me from time to time 
That’s what you’ve been reading in some of my ryhmes
Thoughts have started knocking the door of my mind
Asking me questions imprinted on my wrecked slides

Will I make it all the way or break in the middle?
Will I bear it till the end or sweat blood as I progress?
Will I be able to absorb it all or panic & become anxious?
Will I sense every moment or loose in a second my breath?

So many questions are shooting in my head
But I can’t find the answers, not just yet
So I decide to take the small steps to feel safe
To see the impressions on my path that I walk with respect

But then I sense my real senses
That bring me out of the situations in my verses
That has been throwing curves, a few of them reversing
It’s the real life scene with zero rehearsals

The grounding resets everything in an instant
Shows me the place where I intend to stay & stand
It reconnects me to the peace, where I don’t suffocate
And brings my pieces back to the real & true state
Where my form is formless & perfectly inaccurate 
Where my situations vanish just like the ghost from this page
Where scared state changes into sacred space

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Rest In Peace

A sad moment for the whole family as my beloved uncle’s soul decided to leave his body. This poem is dedicated to him.

Tears in eyes when I saw you sleep so peacefully

Your forehead & hands were cold when I stroked ’em delicately

Sadness has surrounded in & outside the whole family

But I was glad to see, finally you’re out of your pain & misery

You’ll always live in the heart & in memories

This isn’t the end, it’s the start of the new beginning

Your soul has flown to the stars & is now heavenly

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Patterns & Forms

This is my inner battle, where my old patterns are trying to control me. I’m experiencing different emotions – fear, anxiety, pain, panic & breathing issues. Experiencing that my inner peace is disturbed by these patterns. At the same time, I’m experiencing something new in me – a change – the new formless form.

Thoughts are hovering over me & words are difficult to express this 
It’s about the inner struggle, so don’t look at the outer appearances
I’m witnessing turbulence in the windpipe of my crazy experiences
Spearfishing in deep ocean to catch the fishy reflection covered with mist 

Spear in my body from a distance seems like a bloody cool piercing
The peers are now facing the fierce battle & everything is burning in the wild ring
Change is what I’m these days observing & it’s just not some crazy thing
Change isn’t that easy if you’re afraid of sharp chain of pain & suffering

Old patterns struggle as they’ve started loosing their insane control
They try hard to disturb the peace of mind as they intensely scold & troll
They fire cold forms at me to push me back into the deeper hole
It’s a battle between the old & the new and I’m about to explode to explore

It’s not a dream….surely 
Surely, I’m sweating inside out
I’m in fear….purely
Purely, I’m sensing the vibrations so loud
Change is creeping in me….slowly
Slowly, it’s striking from cloud to ground
Seeing it now in me….closely
Closely, I’m engaging with my new form

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