I am truly honoured to share with you all the first ever real collaboration in my life with none other than the amazing Ace from Fearless Free Soul. Collaborating with Ace was purely profound flow of energy, that’s presented in the form of this poem. My gratitude to my dear friend, Ace to collaborate with me 🤍🙏✨

Flow - Ace - Navin
Photo taken by Ace

If you see my face
I’d smile in the space
Would you see the real me?
Either way, I’ll be free
If you deal with my phase
I’d fall in your gaze
Would you then be afraid?
I’m more than reflection’s shade
If you read my phrase
I’d still be traveling my maze
Would you frame what I feel?
I am me, always real
If you stitch with colorful threads
Wound tight, my love still spreads
Would the patterns be revealed?
I’ll be courageous, take down my shield
If you look in darker clouds
I stand apart from the crowds
Would you shine the pure energy?
I am my own galactic synergy
If you sea me dead
I still exist, never fled
Would I fly in the sky consciously?
I’d be at home, honestly
If you smell the essence
I’d absorb love’s fluorescence
Would you inhale the serenity?
I’d exhale fear’s identity
If you sense with grace
I dream the rest of this chase
Would you be divine synchronicity?
I am infinity’s electricity

Ace + Navin

And here’s the image version of Flow. Poster created by Ace & photo taken by Navin

© 2021  Fearless Free Soul & Navin’s Poetry. All rights reserved.

Collaboration Poem Completed

For the first time, I participated in this collaboration project. The poem turned out great – unique.

Collaboration Poem Completed.


I’m posting a link to the collaboration poem….All thanks to Lucy for initiating this collaboration….Many writers participated….I was one of them….Please read this unique poem.

Thank you 🙏❤️