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I simply felt that I needed to create spoken word of this poem, which is a part of my book – Lightning Rhymes…this is my longest spoken word till date…so please bear with me ✨💟💫

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A Poem – Images

I am a ticking bomb but I don’t want to really snap
This ground is shaking, it’s just me not the quake
I look like a solid rock but I’m crashing down to simply crack

The countless spots in my scan, are like bullets fired at close range
This image is burned into my head, where I’m shooting with my rage
I’m trying to find my peace but it’s hiding behind those layers

When I stare at my ribcage, I see a broken heart & a broken face
If only I could cut open my chest to let loose my inner pain
I’m screaming loud in closed space so my heart can finally escape

I see this picture up in my head where I’m lying down on my bed
Publishing my last lines on wordpress & texting goodbye to my friends
Talking one last time to my family while my soul is about to ascend in air

I’m not afraid of death & honestly, I haven’t given up on my myself
I’m just enraged coz I can’t always fix the pieces of my broken frame
So I get engaged with my demons to char them into burning flames

I’m losing balance on my tricky track, so I pause to take a deep breath
To simply sense my manic phase, it feels as if I’m breaking into flakes
One day the fire will penetrate & change everything into smoke & ash

—– A poem – Images —–

A poem – Images is about how I feel from time to time. I’m impatient coz it’s not easy to deal with my condition & sometimes, I fall in the deep hole, where I’m picturing my own death. It doesn’t mean I look negative at my situation & my life. I accept these moments as they too are equally important & there’s place to feel them in my system. Life isn’t just positivity, happiness & sunshine 24/7. There’s also space for anxiety, sadness, pain & darkness and some other shades. I don’t believe in hiding & I’m not ashamed how I feel. Light or dark, sunshine or rain, clear or cloudy sky have their meaning & importance.

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A Dot of Hope

I’m just a dot if you zoom out to see the spot on this beautiful & lively zone

That’s all you want if you wish to lock when you hold the schaft & look patiently through the scope

I’ll turn into thick fog if you take a shot with your tainted thoughts painted with senseless strokes

You dreamt that I would rot when you put the mark at my heart from the other side of the shore

You better check your clock coz I’m on your watch to put a stop on your timeless goal

I know you wish & want but you simply can’t block coz I’m simply a free & formless soul

It’s the way I talk whether you like it or not but I’ll free you from the twisted knots crippling your core

I promise I won’t haunt from the very top to crop your vulnerable & shielded ghost

Coz I’ve walked on the path full of thorns & my drops that looked like the bed of roses

So I’ll simply take you to the dark to show you the burning sparks from daunting dot of beautiful hope

—– A Dot of Hope —–

A Dot of Hope is a multidimensional poem, that portrays the importance of hope, when we feel as if nothing can be done to dissolve the pattern; to come out of the pain body. When you are in touch with the inner peace, nothing can break you. You can also help others to come out of their patterns by guiding them in the right direction, by showing them that little dot of hope.

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A Poem – My Bits

I know you feel that I screw your head with my crazy snapping bit
Just don’t misinterpret by interrupting me, you’re making me insane & very sick
Just don’t tell me to leave or zip my lyrically slippery lips
I’ll then turn everything into gloomy shades of ashes, coz I’m simply so lit
So don’t make me glare at you with my demon eyes, your ground will burn & then split

I’ll spin my twisted pen to scribble alphabe(a)ts on your sensitive skin
I’ll flip out on you if you play plain judge when you sit on that judgemental seat
I’ll mentally hammer you down under the surface with the firing words that I spit
I’ll slit you into pieces with my edgy skills if you match my level of devil so big
So stay away from me before I pour your floor with the intense flow of my bleeding ink

I do trip every now & then when I keep loosing my weakend grip
I do hit hard on my ground & damage my brain, full of spots & pits
You see, healing with time is nothing but just a believable myth
If I’d simply sit back in my pit & wait for life to turn so slick
Nothing will ever change & I’ll remain a freaking sick

I’m trying to gather my pieces in peace to make a proper fit
So I’ll keep ripping my skin to stitch every single bit
To steer my unbalanced wheels for this wicked trip with no tricks
I promise, I’m gonna be around for the family in thick & thin
Jitter & sparks in my messy circuit but there’s no switch yet to make me quit

—– My Bits —–

My Bits is a poem, where I’m trying to gather myself after being provoked to the monstrous level. It’s like I get blinded by my rage & then it’s very difficult for me to come out of it, especially, if others try to match my noise level. I’m suggesting others to back off when I’m in this red zone. Talking about consequences, ordering me, raising voice or similar in that moment would only make the situation worse.

In the second half of the poem My Bits, it shows how I’m learning to observe the silence closely before the storm hits, to control my snapping. Writing poetry & talking about such matters openly, helps me to heal faster and it helps others to understand to a certain extent how I see the world when I feel imbalanced, angry, insane, numb & very sick at the same time.

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I can feel something has changed in me
And it’s just not me who share this opinion about me
Coz I can see that it doesn’t take a lot before I loose control of my scene

If the things aren’t the way I like, then I get very upset & very mean
Then the moments begin where I start nagging & complaining about immaterial things
It’s just right there, I make it worse by snapping over family

Nothing matters to me at that point coz I can’t figure things out
Sometimes I don’t even know what I did wrong & why it’s my fault
Sometimes I wonder why so much smoke coming out from the wooden log
They just look at me in despair & are ready to sob
All I need is my space but the whole space is blinded by this thick fog

So tell me how I can rationalize
If I don’t know I’m about to jeopardize
The relationship & family lives
I’m not that scary monster, ready to eat everyone alive

It pains me to see them suffer
But then why have I become so blunt & why can’t I shut up?
Why can’t I simply use heart as the filter?
To let go of the things which can’t be used as the filler

So I need me to help me out
To find & then sort the things out
To scream in my own ears so loud
To find clear skies behind the darker clouds
All I need is to breathe the air in & then breathe it out

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