On my kitchen floor I stand still
A thought appears at a normal bandwidth
When I start mixing the fine flour with
Eggs, salt, beer & some oat milk
To make batter for the pancakes
While I tune-in to some old tracks

But I’m sure you can already sense that
It’s not about cooking golden brown pancakes
I’m simply shaking the manmade pain can
Without triggering the vapours escape my brain cells
It’s my way to ‘handle with care’ the fragile caged self
It’s to pencil the portrait of my shaded landscape

Pain & I know each other better than the pen-friends
We used to play hide & scream quite often back then
That led to fluctuating beat underneath the bare chest
There were times when we used to play the game of plain chess
The swift moves we framed on those black & white squared shapes
To win the battle through defence / attack in a split splash

Didn’t know I was battling against myself through those matches
The Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen & King were my own images
I realized it was never about winning, losing or those checkmates
The key was to keep myself in check with acceptance at a mindful pace
Coz I know, there will always be pain in one or the other way
But there will also be love in several forms in this Milky Way

By the way, I wasn’t cooking those pancakes for myself
I was flipping me to observe different dimensions in this heating process

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Lightning Rhymes Review by Rimpledeep Kaur

Today I’m sharing this wonderful & heartfelt review of Lightning Rhymes by Rimpledeep Kaur @rimple.deep from Instagram world…Rimple is an amazing poet…her writings are beautiful, spiritual & they make one look deeper into oneself…she has also published her very first poetry collection, The Universe In You.

Rimple’s beautiful words have my heart…my utmost gratitude to you, Rimple…not only am I honoured but also I’m deeply touched 🙏✨💟💫

I’m grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…for your unconditional love towards my poetry…you guys have always blessed me with your amazing comments / reflections…

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Formless Trees

I’m gliding high with colourful birds on either side
Freestyling on the fly with my broadened wing size
Airing natural rhymes in an infinitely open sky
Holding ball of fire with calmness in my fluid eyes
Beaming rays of light through the shiny translucent blinds

Bleeding diamonds once felt like the breaking point
Shockwave was running into me when I was paralyzed
Countless spots in my shell suffocated me numerous times
Realized one day that steep falls were designed to slowly rise
I’m able to see that patterns & forms aren’t the real I

The gorgeous beauty of the moon in the magical night
Walking on partly visible path in the now is pure enlightenment
The spiritual energy is creating the magnetic ocean tides
Unknown depths I’m reaching when I tune in to inner shine
The new sides I’m sensing when I keep redying to be alive

Transforming cutthroat screams to the meaningful voice
Sanding inner wall that was clayed with layered noise
Dissolving deeper scars with the mindful sacred silence
Blowing on greyish site to ignite sparks of life
Manifesting formless trees on the naked & barren soil

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Spoken Word – Oh dear Anxiety

Oh dear Anxiety

I hear this anxiety is escalating slowly on my top floor
While silence is hiding under the pillow from the screaming thoughts
Restlessness has started filling my rough surface with the titanium foam
I’m breathing heavily & shivering but it’s not coz it’s freezing cold
So I start kneading my feet against each other to feel the needed warmth
My body is gradually curling under the duvet in the consoling C form
Anxiety is shaking me with this weird feeling of being the immortal corpse

It’s exhausting & daunting to choose this path to be all alone
But my mind is fighting constantly while the heart has chosen to let it go
My fluid eyes are wired to this immersive scene where I lay on bed & freely float
I let anxiety travel inside of me without allowing it to absorb the shiny core
It’s pinpointing these tiny dots on its way to create a meaningful flow
This movement is painful but it’s better than to cage anxiety in the concealed box
So I’m mindfully reconnecting to the silence where there’s no need to speak anymore

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Spoken Word Videos

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This Beautiful Scene

Just look at this beautiful scene
Sunny beams in minus five degree C
Snow is the shiny jewel of the trees
The ground is decorated with calming tapestry
The impressions of feet can be very deep
But they will disappear one day eventually
What to lose & what to achieve
It’s never about the win or defeat
Just close or open your lids as you please
And breathe in & out this winter breeze in peace
Listen carefully to the intuition & the beat
The energy is real, it’s pure & serene
The heaven is here, it has always been
Look deep within coz you’re this beautiful scene

Enjoy the video / reel version…This beautiful video is taken by myself…

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I Scribble

When I pick up my pencil
To prick on my surface
Then I bleed real lyrics
That I scribble on the ocean

The ripples I then make
When I hit the epicenter
Is not to trick the senses
But to share my inner vision

The reflection of my face
That bounces on wavy water
Shows me a clear picture
Of the deeper connection

The flare of my phases
Isn’t just burst of emotions
It’s the zen of those learnings
That lits my life with passion

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At times I am the bloody riot when my patterns act as a set of sharp plier that explicitly cut the delicate red wire to defuse the useless & quaky quarrel but then everything goes simply haywire and turn into the blues filled with pointy blames of hey & whys when the quiet in me detonates to the disturbed violent which isn’t the same as the conscious choice of pure violet

I can then see the greys in my big brown eyes which is obviously the craze dancing as the burning flames so wild that I start to phrase this scene as my twisted rhyme to simply brush away the pain dipped in colours so intense & loud to simply fall in place at this point in time

But when I sense all this on my screen with my closed eyes then I can tell these are just the shades of my beautiful life where I’m subconsciously digging the grave of my bleeding mind which is caged in the limitless space of the magical open skies coz everything feels so strange to my hidden but very present wise as if I were the rage beasting with my untamed deep voice but I’m just trying to breathe the inner peace in this electric current vibe so I shift the speed to reconnect with the energy of The High

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The body is running at full speed with no brakes
The mind is bleeding the red sea in heavy rains
The eyes are torching the tight cage in pure flames

The time machine can’t restore the lost things in real sense
And there’s no need to preset the defence to face the present
So the system is defragementing the free space with no gates

The lesion isn’t necessarily a damage if seen as a treasured lesson
The dead veins could be the lost key of sanity in this locked scene
The fingers are holding the keepsake delicately with numb grip

The divine grace is embracing the deep pain lovingly in true space
The inner shine is fusing the open scars mindfully in pure faith
The magical energy is dissolving the solid shield to the formless state

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Photo taken by myself. 

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A Dot of Hope

I’m just a dot if you zoom out to see the spot on this beautiful & lively zone

That’s all you want if you wish to lock when you hold the schaft & look patiently through the scope

I’ll turn into thick fog if you take a shot with your tainted thoughts painted with senseless strokes

You dreamt that I would rot when you put the mark at my heart from the other side of the shore

You better check your clock coz I’m on your watch to put a stop on your timeless goal

I know you wish & want but you simply can’t block coz I’m simply a free & formless soul

It’s the way I talk whether you like it or not but I’ll free you from the twisted knots crippling your core

I promise I won’t haunt from the very top to crop your vulnerable & shielded ghost

Coz I’ve walked on the path full of thorns & my drops that looked like the bed of roses

So I’ll simply take you to the dark to show you the burning sparks from daunting dot of beautiful hope

—– A Dot of Hope —–

A Dot of Hope is a multidimensional poem, that portrays the importance of hope, when we feel as if nothing can be done to dissolve the pattern; to come out of the pain body. When you are in touch with the inner peace, nothing can break you. You can also help others to come out of their patterns by guiding them in the right direction, by showing them that little dot of hope.

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Healing my Hell

This poem is about how mindless I can be from time to time & how the mindful approach helps me in calming myself down. How stars can spread the glitters over the darkness. I have written a variety of poems about suffering. rehabilitation and recovery.

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