Taking a break

I’m taking a break from WP for some time
No, I ain’t disappearing coz I don’t hide
There’s raining heavily & there’s no light
But I’ll keep writing my poetry offline
I won’t be clicking on comment or like
Thanks for understanding, pls don’t mind
Keep expressing through your fine lines
I’ll see you for sure on the other side

A poem – Colorful Theme

I’m trying to close my sleepy eyes so I can finally fall asleep
And I’m covering myself in layers before I impatiently start to freeze
But my anxiety is propping me to fall hard on my once operated knees
So I end up playing in dark this reckless game of hide & scream

I’m seeing countless spots on this black & white transparent plastic sheet
My mind is bleeding red diamonds when I walk barefoot on this edgy street
My numbness is on/off frustrating me, it’s wanting me to switch on my freak
I’m turning blue, so I’m blueprinting a list if you know what I mean

Can you see my lids are carrying these bloody tears?
Can you feel my blood is boiling in my crazy heat?
Can you believe I sometimes feel like torching my entire scene?
Can you even reach when I want to bury my body infinite feet?

But then I dive into your green sea to see me with pure clarity
I play your crystal clear music to string me with sweet melody
I absorb your fine lines to levitate me with this magical imagery
I write the (U’n’I)verse of love when I sense your profound energy

I see the moon is shining with open mentality
I see the stars are burning in azure spirituality
I see the sky is evolving with colorful theme
I see the sun is beaming hope inside of me

This all reset the entire picture of my entangled reality
Love is stitching & healing my scars in peace & prosperity
I know, I’m not leaving yet coz I’ve just come out of catastrophe
You’re my sacred mirror, I can see the white light inside of me

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A poem – My Words

It’s getting late in this very cold night
So I’m trying to close my tired eyes
The problem is that they aren’t at all dry
My thoughts are galloping but I can’t even ride
My fingers are frozen, so I’m struggling to write
But here I am still awake to simply freestyle

I’m just expressing how a train wreck feels like
I could be brain dead but I’m very alive
Honesty is what I breathe & not the lies
The highs & the lows of this crazy life
Everything seems unreal in pure realtime
My walls were once painted with pure real joy

I won’t give up easily coz I love you so high
Until I hear one last time, it’s all over & goodbye
Coz I can still sense the pure energy deep inside
I know you love me, it’s just not in my mind
The beautiful crystals so sacred & divine
The melodious voice so sweet & so fine

My words are forming this formless fire
My heart is braking, it used to freely fly
I guess, I wasn’t the type even though I did say & type
I’m lost & shaking, there’s no inner light
I’m blue & shrinking but I’ll always see your shine
I feel like bagging myself to forever hide

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Reblogging – Speechless I became

Speechless I became

When I saw the glimpse of me

Felt a sudden shift

Paused were the thoughts

Everything came to a halt

Tears began to fall

Soul wanted to scream

Inner pain was so real

Wounds wanted to heal

I began to breathe

Transparent in the moment

Vulnerability at its peak

The moment of inner peace

Where joy and sadness were one

Good and bad had no meaning

Darkness was the Light

Loved that very Sight

The moment of true presence

Where Heart was the only Sense

Truth was the One

When I saw me

—– Speechless I became —–

It all started here when I felt the very first time this need to express my state of Being in the form of this poem. It was here I really saw the real me. I was feeling very vulnerable in a beautiful way. Rollercoaster ride filled with inner peace, where I couldn’t differentiate good from bad, joy from sadness, light from dark. Everything was simply as it was supposed to be. I published this poem on 12/01/2017 on FB as I didn’t have a blog back then. Never thought that writing poems would become such an important part of my life; of me. This poem will always be the special one.

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