Spoken Word – Questioning

I recorded this video of my multicolored LED bulb…Music created in GarageBand

You can find this poem in my book – Lightning Rhymes


Is everything changing?
Is the mind chattering?
Is the body shattering?
Is the rhyme flowing?
Is the rhythm beating?
Is the ink bleeding?
Is the colour red beets?
Dead beats
Is that beast feasting?
The Red Feast
Is the heartbeat racing?
Is the air slowly fading?
Is the screen getting blurry?
Am I simply afraid?
Has the time stopped moving?
Have I started reaching places?
Am I going crazy?
Do you get what’s happening?
Can you sense the feeling?
Are you here to catch me?
Are you one of those preachers?
Do you come from the shadows?
Is this all a part of me?

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Formless Trees

I’m gliding high with colourful birds on either side
Freestyling on the fly with my broadened wing size
Airing natural rhymes in an infinitely open sky
Holding ball of fire with calmness in my fluid eyes
Beaming rays of light through the shiny translucent blinds

Bleeding diamonds once felt like the breaking point
Shockwave was running into me when I was paralyzed
Countless spots in my shell suffocated me numerous times
Realized one day that steep falls were designed to slowly rise
I’m able to see that patterns & forms aren’t the real I

The gorgeous beauty of the moon in the magical night
Walking on partly visible path in the now is pure enlightenment
The spiritual energy is creating the magnetic ocean tides
Unknown depths I’m reaching when I tune in to inner shine
The new sides I’m sensing when I keep redying to be alive

Transforming cutthroat screams to the meaningful voice
Sanding inner wall that was clayed with layered noise
Dissolving deeper scars with the mindful sacred silence
Blowing on greyish site to ignite sparks of life
Manifesting formless trees on the naked & barren soil

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Do check out my Publications page.

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