Spoken Word – The Free Flow

The anatomy of my soul is smoked in ashes with bold & if I try to extract the pure essence, then my whole will only hold the unwanted dark holes

You see the highs & the lows are the waves that splash & roar in rows in search of the very unknown in an open space that’s yet to be explored

So I keep healing my inner sores that are still bleeding the very core to steel breathing my mystical form so I steep soaring in the infinity zone

I am the free flow that see through my deep soul & then I tiptoe in my being mode to free me from my beast mode to seek peace & bring the sweet hope

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A beautiful soul – Astha

I’m sharing a very sad news….I’ve come to know that Astha’s soul has left her body on 30th April….she was fighting against covid-19….I used to read her poems, whenever she would post on WP….she was also compiler of an upcoming anthology – Utmost Feelings….I was one of the co-writers….so I was in touch with her on / off….through the whatsapp anthology group as well….that’s how I’ve come to know about this when Taruchaya – one of the co-writers pinged me & shared this sad news….the feeling of being numb & shock was instant….the last time she wrote to me was on 23rd April, where she said, her condition was bad & she would revert back in a few days….I texted her on 28th April to know how she was feeling….but no reply….it’s still hard to believe that such a young woman isn’t with us anymore….if that wasn’t enough, her mother has passed away as well due to covid-19….I can’t even imagine how her father, brother & other family members must be going through….

This short poem is dedicated to dear Astha….

My silence is screaming
My heart is bleeding
My eyes are flowing
My thoughts are heavy

I look up at the dark sky
A star is shining bright
A beautiful soul
In heaven


You will forever stay within us – R.I.P. ❤️💫🙏✨


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Reblogging – When you look into me

You looked at me
With those intense eyes
You smiled at me
With those beautiful lips
You cried with me
With tears in your eyes
You held me tight
With those earthly arms
You gave me space
With that loving heart
You were there for me
With those meaningful words
The impression of you
Is permanent in me

The energy from the moment
Has struck me deep
The sole purpose of you
Was to look deeper into me
Where Pain & Agony
Were the different forms of Love
Where Spirituality was the only Reality
Where there was space for Anxiety
Where things were as they are
Where Manipulation was very far
I am no one
But the reflection of you
I see myself in you
When you look into me

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