Spoken Word Poetry Collaboration: Implore – by Lauren M. Hancock and Navin Manik

Recently, I had this lovely opportunity to work with my dear friend, Lauren of Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose, to write & record a piece together. Lauren is a poet, painter, violinist and above all, a wonderful, sweet & kind being. Please visit her blog, where you’ll find her heartfelt, soulful, raw poetry, prose & spoken word and her beautiful artwork. My gratitude to Lauren for reaching out to me, to make this happen.


The breaths I take
The steps I sway
When I dance on my feet
My ground is change

The heights I stare
The case is space
The light has shades
The dark isn’t just pain

I see the sane
When I saw the chain
I tear the deep
When I drop the waves

The colours I blend
The Universe I paint
The eyes then glare
The divine through pen

I expand upon
an inner sense
of personal justice
social soul well meant

I know I know
the ability for
personal growth

is well rooted deep within,
for every passing second
my efforts are tirelessly sown,

my chest expands
my heart, it flows
rich with breath, mighty effort
stallion-like strength –
continuous insistence,
and sound temperament.

our steps in time
pirouetting groundwork
yours and mine

our knowledge together
brought closely in life
we stare down the precipice
and soar, divine,

unknowingly yet aware
we become entwined
intent and more
this World we explore

for reaching our Universe’s heights
sights and sounds
enriching our abilities
our minds implore.

Violin track & artwork by Lauren and video & sound editing by myself.

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Mindless Brain, published at MasticadoresUSA

Dear all,

I am honoured to share that my poem, Mindless Brain is published at MasticadoresUSA. I’m grateful to dear Gabriela Marie Milton and the team at MasticadoresUSA to make this happen.

Mindless Brain - navinspoetry

Naked & Rough Skin

The drops in veins
Are the thoughts insane
The talk in vain
The drops in veins
Are the thoughts insane
The talk in vain
Is to prompt the phase
The song I sang
I drop the face
The sign that rays
The darkest day
It’s time to race
And write the date
To account the rate
Of the countless deaths….

Please read the full poem here. Thank you very much!

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My Poetry (reblogged – an updated version)

If the things were only up to me
And my vault were stashed with greenery
I would exit the world of perfect geometry
To enter the universe with heart fueled poetry

I’m in love with scribbling the meaningful schemes
It’s my way of expressing how I truly feel
The lyrics synchronize with frequency of my heartbeat
The percussion & vibration of the immaculate beast

Now let me stitch the pieces a bit differently
Just stay for a while, hear another thing from me
I share my stories with the same original intensity
You see, this is my healing process & my own therapy

I know it’s kinda provocative the way I project my themes
It doesn’t matter what you think of it & what you think of me
It’s not gloomy to throw light on the darker scenes
You see, the darkness is so light can be

My rhymes are self-realization & experiences with deeper meaning
It’s my way to explore the burning fire & the formless being
This is how I see the things now & this all was meant to be
My poetry is the flow in me & it’s the soul I simply set free

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Lightning Rhymes – The Photos with The Intro Poem

It’s amazing to hold my book in my hands…I then downloaded the digital edition on my phone…just to see how it looks like & how it feels…a feeling that’s almost impossible to express but can only be felt…I was like, “how great is that, my book is right here…it’s real, I’m not dreaming anymore”…I’m sharing a few photos with you 🖤✨🤍

To order my debut book, please click on the “linktr.ee” link…My gratitude 🙏❤️💫


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Fluid Lines, published at Spillwords

I’m honoured & delighted to announce that my poem, Fluid Lines is published on Spillwords.com. My gratitude to Director of Development (Editing Department) & the whole Spillwords’ team for reviewing & selecting my poem.

Here’s the link to read my poem on Spillwords.com

For this special occasion, I’ve created the Spoken Word of Fluid Lines

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Announcement – Lightning Rhymes is Out Now

It’s time!
Was the inner calling in the month of July
So I started working on my book mindfully, a pure delight
Grace guided me to follow this flowic dream of mine

I’m proud & honoured to present to you – Lightning Rhymes
It’s my poetry collection, a part of me & my life
Lightning has a deeper meaning than how it’s normally described
Self-realization, raw emotions & other experiences I share & rhyme

The publication date of this book is my conscious choice
Your blessings on me is purely the beautiful & starry shine
I hope you’ll read Lightning Rhymes & will truly enjoy
My gratitude to you to be with me all this time 🙏🤍✨

Lightning Rhymes Book Cover

Dear all,

I’m excited to share that my poetry collection is out now. A dream I had once, is now a reality.

Self-realization, experiences, raw emotions & some other dimensions is what I’m sharing with you through my poetic creations.

Lightning Rhymes is the title of my poetry collection. This name simply came to me & it felt right instantly. In September 2020, I had written a poem with the same title. But I never thought that one day it would be the name of my book. I strongly believe, there’s always a reason why things happen. The book cover designed by myself is purely intuitive.

I loved each & every moment of this journey – from working on the manuscript to designing the cover to registering the ISBN number to uploading the electronic files & to finally getting them approved. And now here I am, with my debut book. Believe me, it’s such a great feeling that I can’t express in words. I hope you’d enjoy my poetry collection. Much love 🙏🤍✨

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Lightning Rhymes on Amazon.com

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The Switch

I switched the click
Of old memories
I snapped again at him
Blood is the heat
Heart breaks in pieces
I bricked the peace
I hear the screams
Oh again, it’s just me

Everything resets to nil
I’m walking furiously
Throwing a fit
Chasing like wind
Scaring the beings
He’s running in tears
Disappearing with speed
Emptying the fills

I’m burning the stills
But I can’t simply sit
So I re-engage to spit
The trigger is me
Fire on delicate leaves
But then I switch to leave
So others can peacefully live
I dim down the chills

No covers & no sheets
I don’t want to exist
I would rather exit
When I become the beast
I feel sick in this scene
So I put me to sleep
I seek rest in peace
My name is fear

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